Netballers eager to scratch MGNA finals itch


The itch of finals is closer as ever and excitement and tension is in the air in these next coming weeks at the MGNA.

The A Grade players will head into round 16 this Saturday determined to make a difference and there are two amazing games coming your way at Olympic Park.

The first will be fought between Intruders and Hobitz where the top two teams will go head-to-head in a finals preview.

Intruders are coming off a huge win over Zodiacs last Saturday where the scoreboard read 67-23, while the Hobitz team had their bye.

Hobitz have put themselves back into second position on the ladder while Intruders are still staying in their comfortable position of first place.

The game will be a tough one for these two teams as Hobitz will need to score as many goals as possible to keep their position.

But knowing how well the Intruders defensive side has worked this season against the shooters of the other A Grade teams, this will not easy.

Hobitz needs a win or a close loss to Intruders, which is a big task against a side performing at such a high level.


The last match-up between Saints and Zodiacs in the normal rounds will also be taking place. Both teams have improved well this season and will be itching to have a win in this game. Zodiacs will need to be on the ball for the entire match to be able to face these Saints players.

The first half of any sports match is always the toughest and is the one that either makes or breaks the game.

With how competitive and tough these respective teams are, the first half of this match is predicted to be a great one to watch.

Both teams are good in the goal circle, getting excellent scores on the board and that’s where this match will be mainly taking place and be decided.

The finals of this season will be an interesting one for sure and this weekend’s battle will be the ideal dress rehearsal.

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