Aged care ‘Sparkle Day’ fun and games

Boandik recently hosted its second-ever Sparkle Day with staff and volunteers spending time alongside residents in their home – and racing one another.

Sparkle Day is an event-themed day that sees each participating resident pair off with either a staff member or volunteer and race against each other.

The winner on the day was resident Joy Holland, assisted by staffer Sharon White.

Sparkle Day began in 2021 as a Boandik wellness team initiative, with staff, volunteers and residents dressing up in sparkly clothes and hats as a way to brighten everyone’s day.

Lifestyle coordinator Debbie Brockie came up with the original idea for the event.

“Sparkle Day is a theme to promote fun and happiness, to bring some sparkle to your day, with laughter, colour, and fun activities,” Ms Brockie said.

However, thanks to the suggestion of resident Kevin Walters, it has evolved into a day of races between pairings of residents and staff (or volunteers) at Boandik.

“We decided that Boandik Lake Terrace could have Sparkle Day races down our linkway with obstacles so no one would run too fast and fall over,” Ms Brockie said.

In 2022, Sparkle Day corresponded with Boandik wellness initiative Wacky Wednesday, a themed day that aims to promote positivity.

It is held on the last Wednesday of each month and is primarily aimed towards staff.

Sparkle Day, however, brings staff and volunteers together to spend time alongside residents.

While filled with laughter, it is also seen as quite a competitive day between staff and residents keen to win the timed race.

“Sparkle Day brings so many residents out of their rooms to join in the fun, some of whom usually chose not to do activities, but want to be involved in the fun of a sparkly race,” Ms Brockie said.

“I believe it brightens everyone’s day.

“Whether they are involved or watching and cheering on the others, residents comment how much they enjoy having staff involved, being a part of it all, and taking time to be with them.”

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