‘All in’ for season final

Atotal of 25 poker players qualified to enter the season finale were all in with a chance to collect a large proportion of a prize pool valued over $2700 last week.

A prize packet of $1000 was guaranteed for the winner and Martin Pink looked the goods after he had an impressive start to his tournament.

Pink was on a high when he collected a huge pot worth 90,000 on top of his already massive chip stack.

It looked like he was in the box seat for another final table deep run however found himself just short of a place in the cash.

There was a steady flow of knockouts throughout the day and by the time the final table arrived, those who had a short stack really needed some luck.

Looey Widdison lost a heads-up all-in pot leaving herself with a dismal 2000 in chips, equivalent to half of a small blind.

Widdison was forced to play whatever cards were dealt to her and without looking, she put her stack all in pre-flop.

To her surprise, she was dealt pocket kings then the very next hand pocket aces which helped her through to the cash.

Luke Parham pulled off the play of the day when he put all of his chips at risk in a brilliant ‘squeeze play’ against a player in the pot who had already called an all-in bet.

Parham forced the player to fold his JJ hand and go heads-up for a pot worth 120,000 in chips.

This put Parham in a commanding position and to make all the right moves to see him eventually win the tournament.

Parham believed it was only fair to share the top two payouts with second place Matt Gabell after both players equally deserved the title.

Poker at the RSL always welcomes new players who believe they have lots or no experience at all and if you are interested in the game then contact the RSL for further details.

Gambier Poker results: Luke Parham $700, Matt Gabell $700, Paul Macera $600, Eoin McDuff $400, Dale Fox $190, Looey Widdison $150, Lyn Atkinson $100, Wayne Fallas $50.

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