Amazons celebrate milestone

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The sunshine and cold winds were present at Olympic Park on Saturday as the U19 Intruders and Hobitz Red faced each other once again in another great game of Mount Gambier Netball Association competition.

You could easily see the competitiveness running through the players as soon as the first whistle was blown.

Emily Stockwell (GS) and Sophie Couldrey (GA) worked well together during the first half, the two players making space to receive the ball from Ella Cruise (WA) and Maddy Cowland (C).

Cowland play an impressive half with her quick pace up and down the court and also with her sharp passes.

Intruders’ Tahila Reed (GA) was firm on her feet and took great leaps to receive the ball, while Clare Ashby (GD) intercepted and caught the ball convincingly as well.

Neve Rossouw (WA) from Intruders also created space in the game and Paige Hilliov (GK) had a number of intercept moments.

Stockwell changed to goal attack in the second quarter and was splendid in the position being quick, intercepting well and getting in front of here opponent.

The second half approached with a score of 30-5, Hobitz way and the energy had dropped from the game, but the girls still played well.

Rossouw was in a fighting spirit in the half with an eagerness to get the ball and Cruise played exceptionally well also.

By the time the final minutes of the game approached, Hobitz started fighting well and hard against Intruders, which resulted in a final score of 62-13, keeping the Hobitz Red team in first position on the ladder.


Acelebratory fever was in the air on Court 4 as the afternoon emerged with a great game of netball between Amazons and Intruders.

Bethany Hille had an amazing achievement on Saturday, celebrating 200 games with Amazons.

Her team was strong on the court throughout the first half, with Hille who was playing in goal attack along with counterpart Maddi Sutterby (GS) quick on their feet, almost never missing a goal.

Emma McGregor (GK) defended the ring against Imogen Douglas (GS) for Intruders, but the team played hard against Amazons in an effort to win the ball.

Monique Pearce (WD) for Amazons had great intercepts in the half against Monique Hille (WA) for Intruders, smacking the ball out of court and almost appearing out of nowhere to steal the ball.

McGregor was pivotal in her position in the second term and was a highlight of the match.

Her intercepts, firm feet and leaps were always on point with the cheers from the crowd in agreement. Halftime saw a score of 37-5 Amazons way, but the Intruders still fought back.

Laura Day (GK) for Intruders had great intercepting moments in the second half along with Neve Rossouw in the fourth quarter playing centre while captain, Jess Lawrie performed well in the goal attack position.

The great game ended with a win for Amazons, 63-18.


This season, the Amazons Netball Club celebrated its 10-year Anniversary.

The club was new to the scene in 2012 and over the last decade, the club have had many players be a part of the game in their junior and senior teams and with those funky pink and white uniforms, they could never go unnoticed.

The club in these amazing years has always prided themselves on being a family-oriented club, making sure the young kids fall in love with the game.

I was fortunate enough to talk to president of the club, Tanya Tonkin, who has held the position since 2019 which she says is as an amazing privilege.

Some of the most memorable and proud moments of the club she recalls include the premierships won over the years in the junior and senior grades and the biggest goal for the club is to win one day an A Grade premiership.

It has been an amazing 10 years for the club and there is so much history left to be written.

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