Anzac Day support

Apopular annual Millicent commemorative event took place last week.

As part of their Aged Care Mission, the Millicent Baptist Church has been holding Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services at Boneham Aged Care Services for several years.

This was originated at the request of residents and they were very receptive to these services which, although adapted to an aged care environment, contained all the elements associated with Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

The mid-morning service in the Dive Room was led by church member Diane Sampson and had the blessing of the Millicent RSL which holds its own Anzac Day commemorative services at this time at the Cross of Sacrifice.

Boneham chief executive Michael Filsell described the Anzac Day service as “very moving” and thanked Ms Sampson for her role.

“Anzac Day has always been very special for the World War II generation and is becoming increasingly important for the Vietnam era veterans who are entering residential care now,” Mr Filsell said.

Millicent’s four known surviving World War II veterans live at Boneham Aged Care Services and they range in age from 94 to 102.

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