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Numbers eased a little as agents yarded 515 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to the a smaller field of trade and processor buyers along with feeders and restockers.

Quality was mixed over the offering with strong feeder activity on most pens with dearer rates being seen over most of the market. Yearling cattle were small in number making quoting difficult as the steer section all went to feed from 420c to 480c/kg.

Yearling heifers to the trade ranged from 365c to 440c with feeders operating from 362c to 465c/kg. Grown steers to the trade lifted 20c as they made from 350c to 404c while there was strong feeder activity on any cattle lacking finish or condition from 392c to 453c/kg.

Grown heifers to the trade returned from 350c to 395c with feeder support here from 366c to 400c as manufacturing steers made from 315c to 350c/ kg.

Heavy cows lifted 10c as they ranged from 288c to 332c with the lighter types making from 230c to 292c to the trade as feeders operated from 266c.


Agents yarded 252 liveweight and 7 open auction cattle at the Millicent Saleyards this Wednesday, 19 May 2021. An increase in 50 head in the yarding of mostly good quality cattle was offered to the regular processor buying field.

A small run of vealer steers sold from 495 c/kg to 504 c/kg. There was spirited bidding for lighter, feeder cattle. Finished steers ranged from 330 c/kg to 425 c/ kg. Yearling steers ranged from 312 c/kg to 494 c/ kg and young heifers from 140 c/kg to 477 c/kg.

A small number of grown heifers made 373 c/kg to 392 c/kg. Cows sold from 210 c/kg to 398 c/kg. Ten bulls were offered, returning 210 c/kg to 300 c/kg.


Numbers rose and agents yarded 7579 lambs and 1530 sheep, to total 9109 head overall. These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers along with a number of active restockers.

Quality was very mixed from light weight store types up to extra heavy lambs off feed, with something to suit all orders in between as the market sold to softer rates this week.

Light lambs to the trade ranged from $77 to $152 with the light-weight trade 2 and 3 score selection selling from $138 to $162/head. Restockers operated on light shorn Merino lambs which sold from $30 to $60/head.

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