Bay shows how good a community centre can be

The Port MacDonnell Community Complex has celebrated its tenth anniversary honouring the community and staff who have contributed to its tremendous success.

Grant District Mayor Richard Sage praised the centre and those who attended to mark the occasion.

“It was a great celebration creating an opportunity to acknowledge where we started and where we are going in the future,” he said.

“I think that we should really be thankful for the staff we have had in the past and the ones that are coming in the future.”

Mayor Sage said the complex was a “happening place every community deserves”.

“The building has something for everyone, it is somewhere for the youth to come and enjoy themselves on a Friday night, for their parents to come and read a book at the same time or for the grandparents to be involved,” he said.

“Other councils are coming down and they are looking at the facility we have here and mirroring it because we have a library, youth space, art gallery and museum.

“It is a great example for how to use space more effectively and access services for regional communities.”

Mayor Sage said the celebration was a great day and everyone involved should be commemorating the achievements of the Port MacDonnell Community Complex over the last decade.

Mayor Sage said local shipwreck historian Veronica Jenkins was the driving force behind getting a grant for the multi-use space.

“This facility would not exist if it was not for Mrs Jenkins taking her issue to the Grant council,” he said.

Mrs Jenkins said she was proud to be involved with the creation of the complex.

“I hated history when I was in school, so I have no idea why I got involved in the complex and museum down here, but I am glad I did,” she said.

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