Best-selling author’s book launch in limbo

A book launch at the Millicent Public Library tomorrow night (Friday) is in jeopardy owing to the COVID-related lockdown in Victoria.

Rural fiction author and former Tantanoola resident Maya Linnell was due to come to Millicent from her current home in Portland. The Millicent High School graduate has just published her third novel called Magpie’s Bend.

It follows Bottlebrush Creek and Wildflower Ridge which both received best-selling status and achieved critical acclaim. Ms Linnell told The SE Voice the COVID lockdown had cast doubt on her book launch schedule which included events at Mount Gambier and Penola.

“It has been quite a shock to go into lockdown again,” Ms Linnell said. “I’m most certainly still hoping to go ahead with the Millicent, Mount Gambier and Penola launches if we are out of lockdown, but it’ll be a ‘wait and see’ type thing, I guess.”

The plot of Magpie’s Bend focusses on bush nurse Lara McIntyre and journalist Toby Paxton. Theír small country town of Bridgefield cannot manage without their general store and post office, but Lara cannot stomach the idea of out-of-town buyers revamping it with no regard for what the residents want or need.

Loyalties are put to the test as the locals attempt to save the shop, with personal agendas, old grudges and misunderstandings threatening their best efforts. Featuring a black-tie ball, a fun run, a magpie called Vegemite and a snake-chasing kelpie called Basil, Magpie’s Bend is a story about rural lives, family, love and letting go.

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