Big tuna lure fishos to Bay

Areasonable spell of weather treated anglers over the past weekend and plenty of locals and tourists made the most of the calm winds and easing seas to try their hand at a bit of tuna fishing, and there was some beauties caught.

The Port MacDonnell boat ramp was buzzing with anglers from sun up until sundown all heading in search of big tuna.

Fish from 80kg through to 130kg were boated out there over the last few days, and it still seems to be a good mix of live baits and trolled skirts doing the damage.

The zone is still the 20mt – 40mt area, but ultimately the fish are going to be where the bait is.

There are still heaps of school fish around for those who are not fussed by the big ones, and they are found in any depth from 15mt through to the shelf.

Small skirts and bibbed minnows are working well, so chuck out your favourite lure and see how it goes.

There has been a fair bit of rubbish left in the carpark and boat ramp over the last few weeks, so if you are down there having a fish, try and remember to chuck your rubbish in the bins down there, or throw it in a bag and take home with you.

If we all do our bit, it will stay pristine.

The surf fishing over the past week has been a little bit hit and miss for most, but those fishing prime times, the dawn and dusk of the day have been having the best success.

The salmon have been spread out more this week, anglers in Red Rock and Lighthouse Bays have found some nice fish, while Canunda, the Oil Rig Square and Beachport Salmon hole have also produced some nice fish.

The lure and bait guys have been sharing the success, but if the going is a little bit slow, the baitos will have the edge.

There has not been a lot of shark news recently, I think because we have not had as many people fishing , but if we put in the time and effort, you will find them.

The winter gar are in full swing right along our coastline with Racecourse Bay, Petrified Forest, Cape Douglas, Nene Valley and Pelican Point all fishing well.

You know the gar are huge at the moment when the usually most secretive fisho cannot help but show you pictures of their fish.

The best bet is still a burley bucket tied around your waist, a couple of live gents under a float and a light northerly and you should be set.

There are some nice mullet getting around in the shallows.

A few spots have got piles of weed mounded up on the beach, and that is just what the mullet like.

Burley up in the protected sandy areas and you will have salmon trout and mullet at your feet in no time.

Finn and I fished Nene Valley swimming hole on Sunday afternoon for some nice mullet and plenty of smaller salmon trout.

Lighthouse Bay is worth a crack as well and so is Blackfellows Caves.

There have still been plenty of anglers going for a kayak and a flick out on Lake Edward in recent weeks, and there has been some very nice reddies caught.

Spinners, soft plastics, hard bodied minnows etc have all been excellent, so mix it up until you find what it is they are eating on the day.

The Glenelg River has fired up again and Mulloway have shown their heads down around the Poles of the estuary, while trolling live mullet has been the way to get them.

The guys fishing dead baits have managed the odd few fish on pilchard and squid, but for the bigger fish and better numbers, live bait is the way go to.

The lure guys are picking up the odd fish this week, but the clarity is still very good, so once we see some colour in the water, the lure fishos will be very excited.

Bream and perch fishos are having better success in the lower reaches of late, but that can change quickly.

Whitebait and prawn still seem to be the dynamite baits for the bream, but crab is just as good if you put the time in to get them.

The upcoming forecast looks pretty favourable for most forms of fishing.

I have got no doubt we will see more tuna this week, and hopefully plenty of other fish along with them.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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