Boaties haul in big fish off coast

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Boaties haul in big fish off coast

Abit of breeze over the weekend made the going a little bit tough over the weekend for fishos, but the bigger boats offshore still managed to fish, and the beach based anglers also wet a line.

We saw some good mixed bags this week, so let’s get started.

The tuna fishing over the past week has continued to impress off Port MacDonnell, we have seen some excellent fish from the charter boats and rec boats, so everyone has been in on the action.

Jase Fulham and the Port Mac Fishing Charters crew have been boating plenty of fish for their clients over the past few weeks, with some of those fish nudging that 100kg mark.

Tys Kain on Want To Fish Charters has had similar success, boating a fish a day for his customers.

A pretty cool story from Tys this week is one of his customers who fished with him is Caleb Murray, and he is 100% blind.

Tys and the boys got Caleb onto his first barrel which was a solid 85kg fish, and he knocked it over in 25 minutes while in 3mt of swell and 20knots of wind! These fish are incredibly strong and hard to 

fight when you can see what you’re doing, let alone without being able to see!

In other offshore news, the bottom fishing has been good again this week.

I have seen some more shark catches this week, gummy and schoolies are both well represented among anglers, and we have also seen some very nice snapper, nannygai and other bottom fish too.

There have been a few nice fish caught from the surf this week.

With the bigger swell and a bit of wind stirring things up a bit, it’s just what we needed I think.

School shark have kicked into gear across the Limestone Coast’s beaches, with several nice fish to 15kg being caught.

I’m hearing of fish from the 10 mile and the Euro in Beachport, through Canunda National Park, and locally around Nene Valley, Browns Beach and Piccaninnie.

There has been a good whack of salmon caught in the last week too, we’re seeing some of our usual haunts starting to kick start at the moment.

The Beachport salmon hole is fishing well, though the size has been very inconsistent.

Some anglers are reporting plenty of lumpy salmon around 1kg, whereas others have been finding better jacky salmon that are nudging the 2kg – 3kg mark.

Through Canunda is much the same, the fish are generally a bit bigger in those deeper water gutters, but they can be tricky to locate at times.

Whale Rock, Channel Rock and Oil Rig are all areas that produce fish, so best bet is to go and have a look for yourself.

Down here we have seen some reasonable fish from Red Rock and Lighthouse Bays this week, with that hour before the sun sets being the most productive. 40g metal lures are still the go-to, though those flicking a pilchard are also picking up some solid fish.

Whiting fishing and cool weather are something we do not normally associate with one and other, but this year we’re still seeing some cracking catches coming in each week.

Boaties have had plenty of success inside the Port MacDonnell breakwater, Cape Douglas, Livingstons Bay and Carpenter Rocks, while the landbased anglers have done quite well in Cape Douglas, Blackfellows Caves and Carpenter Rocks.

As has been the case for a few weeks now, by-catch of salmon trout, silver trevally and mullet are still flowing through, so expect a few of those in the mix.

Garfish numbers have been decent again this week.

As the weather settles more this coming few days, I’d be expecting to see them fire up again.

Our standard areas such as the Petrified Forrest, Hutt Bay, Cape Douglas and Livingstons Bay are all productive for waders and boaties.

There has also been some great tommy ruff in the same areas over the past week, and whether you prefer them as bait or on the table, they’re always welcome.

Inland fishing has been great for anglers up at Rocklands Reservoir.

I have seen some nice cod, yellowbelly and reddies from the last couple of weeks up there, and from now on is a great time to get stuck into them.

Balista surface lures have been getting the bites from the cod in Rocklands but will also entice a “yella” or bass if it lands in the right spot.

Other go-to lures have been shudder and spinnerbaits from Get Bent Baits, in darker colours, or real deep diving trolling minnows.

The Glenelg River is still fishing really well for bream and perch this week.

It seems the bait fishos have the upper hand this week, with most of the lure fishos I have spoken too having a hard time.

Bream have taken prawns, whitebait and pilchard, while the perch have been dialled in on predominately whitebait.

The lower stretches of the river have been more productive than the upper in the past few weeks, but we all know how quickly they can change.

The mulloway news has been very quiet again this week, and I’m still waiting to hear anything from down there.

Apparently there are fish in the system and they’re showing on the sounder, we just need them to bite.

The forecast for the coming week ahead looks to be very fishable, but as we all know with our south eastern weather, the weatherman does not always get it right.

Just keep an eye on the weather and keep checking if you are heading out for the latest up to date reports.

Until next week, safe fishing!

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