Bowlers defend state title

The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association competed in the South Australian Indoor Bias Bowls Regional Tournament for the 11th time and enjoyed plenty of success.

The strong representative team came to conquer all and went on to make it back-to-back Othams Trophy victories, proving they are the best region.

The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association travelled to the ARC at Campbelltown Adelaide last weekend to compete against teams from the Mid South East Indoor Bowls Association, Metro Red and Metro White.

Each team comprised of 26 players, of which 10 different team disciplines were fielded.

The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association showed that it could mix it with best once again, winning medals in seven of the 10 disciplines, including six gold individual medals and one silver.

The first player to win gold was Serena Bourn who won all three games with precision bowling.

In the Ladies Pairs Veronica Opie and Jennifer Bowering both played fantastic bowls but were a little unlucky with their first game against Metro White a hard-fought draw.

But the duo recovered to win both of the other games by comfortable margins to win the top prize.

Men’s Pairs team Thomas Butler and Stephen Von Duve won two games over Mid South East and Metro ed.

However, a four-shot defeat to Metro White made the last day interesting and results favoured them to claim the gold medal.

Travis Bourn and Fiona Pearson paired up in the Mixed Pairs to go one better than last year and they did just that, cruising to glory.

The Ladies Triples team of Nicola Bowditch, Shirley Gifford and Keisha Pearson started well to win their first two games and then had to meet a Metro Red side on Sunday which was also undefeated.

But the Mount Gambier treble triumphed 21-9 to win the gold medal.

The Ladies Fours team of Tanya Burke, Lorraine Van Den Hoogen, Carmel McQuade and Heather Glynn totally blitzed their opposition with three massive margins.

The Men’s Triples team of Tim Radley, Graham Dent and Craig Pearson had two wins but ran out luck on the last day when the Mid South East team were too good.

The 16-11 defeat meant the Mount Gambier boys had to settle for the silver medal.

Mount Gambier was represented by Coehen Keppels in Men’s Singles and tried hard in all games to come home with one win in his last game against Metro Red and contributed points towards the Othams Trophy.

The Men’s Fours team of Trevor Williams, Gary Walters, Kevin Burn and Garry Burke was unlucky with their first game to lose on the last bowl to Metro White.

But they gathered momentum to give the Association two points to win the last game against Mid South East.

Fiona Rochow, Emma Freemantle, Jos Breuker and Michael Cameron gelled nicely in the Mixed Fours competition to collect a win over Mid South East after competitive showings against the Metro outfits.

Once the bowls were complete all the points were tallied for the Othams Trophy, the Mount Gambier teamed emerged as clear winners on 43 points, well cear of Metro White (29), Metro Red (25) and Mid South East (23).

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