Businesses warned over COVID breach

Limestone Coast businesses have been targeted as part of a policing blitz by SAPOL’s licensing enforcement branch.

Two members of the branch visited the region to support local police to reduce alcohol-related incidents at licensed premises and ensure all businesses were complying with the COVID-19 public activities direction.

A police spokesperson said eight businesses were found to be in breach of the COVID-19 directions.

“Four of those businesses received a caution expiation notice and the remaining four were given education only,” the spokesperson said.

“No businesses were issued a fine during this time.”

The spokesperson said individuals faced a fine of $1000 and businesses $5000 for breaches against the COVID-19 Public Activities Direction.

“SAPOL will continue to work with business owners; and where appropriate, provide advice and education as required to any business owner or individual in relation to COVID-19 matters,” the spokesperson said.

“Police have found that this advice has been generally been well-received, with an immediate positive change to the behaviour.

“In situations where there is a blatant disregard for the directions, or if a person or business has been previously warned for a similar breach, then a fine will be considered.

“It is the high level of compliance shown by businesses across the state that has helped to ensure they can remain open with the current level of restrictions.”

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