Busy tourist ‘sea-sun’

Coastal caravan parks were bustling over the holiday season, with many tourists taking the opportunity to travel again.

Robe Sea Vu Caravan Park Owner Lisa Hall said her park was fully booked, the same as every year.

“It was great,” she said.

“Once those border restrictions came down, everyone’s confidence went back up and we were full.”

Ms Hall said most of the tourists were from Victoria and some from New South Wales.

“The tourists that are coming to Robe have been amazing, they’re all so patient and considerate,” she said.

“Everyone’s just grateful to be here.”

Ms Hall said COVID had not affected the caravan park.

“If you think about COVID, the things people come to Robe for are the beach, and COVID does not restrict you from going to the beach,” she said.

“Everyone’s really positive and we’re not losing any bookings.

“Everyone’s sticking around Robe and enjoying it.”

Beachport Southern Ocean Tourist Park Manager Heidi Prouse said numbers also remained the same as previous years with the park fully booked.

She said tourists were in high spirits and everyone enjoyed their holiday while following the COVID rules.

Ms Prouse said the park was still busy although there had been some cancellations due to COVID, however the vacant sites were quickly re-filled with new bookings.

With South Australian case numbers on the rise, Ms Prouse said she was concerned people might not continue to travel or re-think their choice.

“My concern is probably what’s going to be happening over the next few weeks as our cases down here climb, whether people will be wanting to travel or not,” she said.

Ms Prouse encouraged people to do the right thing and cancel their booking if they had any COVID symptoms.

“As long as everyone does the right thing and stays safe and has that bit of respect for each other,” she said.

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