Casting with Coatsy

The weather over the weekend was not the best, but we did have a few opportunities for the keen anglers to get amongst the fish. The offshore news was a little bit thin, but the Southerly Fishing Charters crew put their clients onto some nice shark near the 20kg mark and mixed bottom fish.

There has been no real hot spot out there for the sharks, but anywhere from 50 metres through to 100 metres and beyond is worth a look, just find some features on the bottom, be it a reef or rock and you are in with a pretty good chance.

There have still been no signs of tuna yet, but no one is too concerned because we have still got a long way to go in this season. The surf fishos have been into some reasonable fish and a few crews hit the Coorong recently and I have heard of plenty of gummy shark.

There have not been any particular hot spots, but the general consensus is the higher you go, the better the fishing. A few nice gummy shark were caught around the Canunda area and a handful of smaller mulloway. There are also some big salmon kicking around at the moment, so they are great fresh bait.

There has been plenty of snapper off the surf this week around Nene Valley. I have seen pictures of fish around 60cm from that area, but plenty of smaller fish around 40cm – 50cm. There have been more snapper caught land based at Orwell Rocks, Factory Bay and Browns Beach.

I have also heard of a handful of elephant sharks this week and although the size has not been big, they are still a tasty capture. Snapper fishos out in the boats are still boating some very nice fish. The big stir over the weekend was excellent for the snaps, with just about every hot spot firing up.

Orwell Rocks, Flinty Point, Danger Point and Green Point were excellent, as there seems to be millions of juvenile snapper around at the moment. There has still been a few other species around our inshore kelp beds such as gummy shark, silver trevally, whiting and squid just to name a few.

Whiting fishing has been red hot yet again with some very nice catches of fish from the Racecourse Bay area, through to the Port MacDonnell Breakwater and out the other side to Carpenter Rocks. Most of the sandholes around ribbon weed beds will hold whiting, so it is just a matter of getting out there and having a crack.

Craig fished Sunday evening at Carpenter Rocks and managed 10 fish up to 46cm fish in no time. Garfishos have had it tough the last couple of weeks with the wind and tides working against one and other, but the forecast for the coming weekend looks like things should turn around.

The inland fishos hitting Rocklands Reservoir have had an absolute ball trolling daiwa double clutch lures around the snags. Nice yellowbelly has been boated and even the odd cod in the same areas. Lake Charlegrark has still fishing well for those targeting murray cod and trollers have been doing well on chatterbaits and spinnerbaits in bright colours, while the bait fishos have done the best on chicken chunks.

The Glenelg River has fished well again this week. We are starting to see a bit more consistency with the bream and estuary perch. I know of fish from down the front on the sand and all the way up in the snags, so trust your sounder and have a crack. Mulloway reports are thin, but there were a few from the estuary.

The forecast for the long weekend does not look too bad at this stage, so let’s just hope it gets better from here on in.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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