Casting with Coatsy

The last week or so worth of weather has been pretty good for most fishos, plenty have been able to head offshore targeting tuna and bottom fish, while others have been heading inland or up the rivers and finding some nice fish there too.

Big tuna have been on the minds of most anglers over the last few weeks, but the fish just have not played the game. There have been plenty of signs out there of late, but the fish just are not hungry.

School sized tuna have been in better numbers this week, I have seen some as small as 8ish kilos, and through to 15kg or so, so hopefully we see a few more of those come past.

The bottom fishing over the weekend was a bit slow, but crews still managed some nice feeds. Nannygai, queen snapper, gummy and school sharks have all been on the menu, just keep on the move until you find them and you should not struggle to find a feed.

The 40th Annual Port MacDonnell Offshore Angling Club’s tuna competition is due to kick off on May 1 through until the 8th, and at this stage the weather looks a bit iffy, so hopefully the weatherman has it wrong and we see at least a handful of fishable days.

The salmon fishos have started dusting off the gear for the upcoming season and although we seem to be off to a slower start than anticipated, we’re still seeing some reasonable fish.

The Canunda NP is the pick of spots this week, with the majority of fish coming from in there. Bait seemed to get the best results, but as we see the numbers concentrate, lures should once again take over.

Whiting fishos have continued catching some reasonable fish this week and we have seen a return of the fish to the land-based guys too. Craig fished Carpenter Rocks on Sunday evening and managed 10 solid fish between 38 and 45cm, also some chunky tommy ruff too.

Boaties have done well in Cape Douglas and Port MacDonnell Breakwater, although there seems to be a lot of juvenile fish around at the moment too. The last few weeks have been a bit tough for gar fishos along the South East, while the numbers may not be as big as we have seen in previous months, the size is still there and they’re really nice fish.

There has been a good mix of tommies and mullet with the gar, so expect a nice mixed Bag. The Glenelg River is slowly but surely kicking into gear.

The Glenelg River Angling Club held their last competition of the 2020/21 season and Neville Issacson boated the fish of the comp with a very solid mulloway of 12lb, and some nice bream and perch.

Most fish came from either the Taylors Straight area, or Donovans and Dry Creek, so you do not have to travel a million miles to find them, just keep making little moves and they’ll not be far away.

The forecast for the coming weekend looks to have deteriorated a bit since I last checked, but every now and then the weatherman does get it wrong!

Hopefully for the guys fishing the tuna comp, things settle nice and quick and we can get a few days fishing in.

Until next week, safe fishing!

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