Casting with Coatsy

A warm and sunny weekend was an absolute delight for anglers across the Limestone Coast with plenty making the most of what could be our last nice weekend for a little while. 

Lots of fishos made their way to the water to throw a line in, and with plenty caught, we have got a fair bit to cover! Let’s get in to it! The offshore scene has been a bit quiet until this weekend, largely due to the weather, but once it settled and allowed more boats onto the water, more and more fish were caught. 

Tuna trollers have been back into the fish this week, most anglers have found the fish reasonably easily in anywhere from 30mt of water and beyond. 

The standout lures so far have been black magic jetsetters and halco laser pro 190s, but if you have any lure in the water, you’re a chance. 

There has been a little bit of big fish talk this week, one fish of around 80kg was lost boat side off Port MacDonnell on Sunday afternoon after a 2 hour fight, and although the fish was lost, the signs are very encouraging. 

The bottom fishing has been nothing short of fabulous this weekend, I have seen some excellent shark pictures so far, both gummy and school shark over 20kg have been caught, not to mention the nannygai, knifejaw, flathead and blue morwong that are mixed in with them. 

Simon and Connor Hall boated some nice gummy shark on Saturday, and a few mixed other species to go with them. 

Let’s all hope the run of weather continues and we can all put a few more fish in the boat! Surf fishos have been having a bit of a crack over the last week or so while the conditions have allowed and there have been some lovely fish caught. 

Tyronne Box and Katherine Hibberd managed 7 sharks from Browns Beach last week in an unforgettable 4 hour session, keeping a couple for the table and letting the rest go. 

There have been some more nice salmon caught this week by fishos around Carpenter Rocks and the Canunda NP. 

The Lighthouse Bay area has cleaned up with weed and it seems the fish are on the move. 

Lure fishos have done well in there this week casting 40g metals at them,  and bait fishos have done quite well on half pilchards. 

I see it every year down there, anglers struggling to make the distance with their 7 foot rods and heavy lures, busting their guts to get a fish or two, but having the right gear makes salmon fishing so much easier. 

9 foot graphite rods, 10lb -15lb braid on a little spin reel and you’ll cast twice, if not three times the distance with only 1 third of the effort. 

If you can cast the distance, it does not matter what lure you’re using, they are gonna eat it! Fishos have been targeting the mullet in the same areas this week and catching not only great numbers, but some thumping fish. 

Get them going with a burley trail, then throw in a bunch of gents or some peeled prawn under a float and it should not take you long to put a nice feed in the esky. 

There are still the odd tommy ruff, salmon trout and even KG whiting mixed in with them in the shallows there, so expect a few surprises. 

The gar fishos have been finding some nice sized fish this week, a few of the local gurus have mentioned there are thousands of maggots coming out of the rotting weed on the beach and into the water, so the garfish are fat and full of tucker making them a bit harder to catch. 

The size has made up for the numbers, so if you stick it out, you should end up with a nice feed. 

The Glenelg River is starting to fire more consistently it seems. 

I have seen a few nice fish from the past 5 or 6 days which is very encouraging news. 

The hot spots still seem to be from Hutchesson’s Landing down to Dry Creek, if you’re new to fishing that area, trust your sounder. 

Find the baitfish on the sounder and that’s where you should be fishing. 

Jesse Davies landed mulloway to 68cm on Sunday Morning around the Sandy Waterholes area, and a boat down river managed fish to 85cm. 

Ben Jeffrey has been at it again this week down there, harassing the local bream and perch population with cranka crabs and soft plastics, Ben man –  aged to land quite a few over the week- end, taking a quick snap and letting  them all go again. 

There has been some nice bream caught down the sandflats this week by bait fishos, prawn and cut pilchard seemed to be the most productive.

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