Casting with Coatsy

Adecent weekend of weather across the region was welcomed by all anglers.

There were opportunities for a bit of everything from offshore to surf fishing to up the river, there was plenty happening, so let’s get into it.

The offshore fishing was a little slower than the couple of previous weekends, but we did see some nice fish caught.

There were a few tuna caught by the trollers in 80 metres to 120 metres of water and smaller skirts or diving minnows are still the go-to.

The bottom bouncers found some nice sharks in anywhere from 55 metres to 70 metres of water, and the size is still continuing to impress.

There were also some nice red snapper, terakhi and latchet fish boated, so there is a great mix on offer out there.

Boaties chasing shark along the coast found the fishing a little bit hit and miss this weekend.

Some anglers dropped straight into the sharks, while others moved and moved but couldn’t seem to locate them.

Linton Badman and crew found some crackers on Sunday morning, bringing a couple of solid fish in for the table.

There have been quite a few pike, salmon and coota around in some of the closer inshore reefy areas, which isn’t a bad thing, if there are bait fish the predatory fish won’t be too far behind.

The surf fishos have been finding some good numbers of elephant fish this week around the Piccaninnie area which is encouraging to see.

There have also been some reasonable gummy sharks caught in the same sort of areas, and even back towards Browns Beach.

The creek at Piccaninnie has moved back to the right hand side of the track over the hill for the first time in years, so getting onto the beach there is quite easy again.

In other surf fishing news, I’ve heard of a few reasonable catches of salmon from the Canunda NP but like always just be mindful of the big waterholes, some are much deeper  than they look and it’d suck to have to get towed all the way out of there.

The salmon fishos in Lighthouse and Redrock Bays have been into the fish over the weekend but the size has been all over the shop.

Some afternoons the fish will be crackers of around 2kg, other times they’re struggling to find one better than a kilo.

As the sea stirs this week we’ll see them improve.

There were plenty more garfish reports this week and it’s great to see both the boaties and waders sharing the success.

Livingstons Bay, Cape Douglas and Petrified Forest have all been reliable and consistent, but there are plenty of other protected and quiet bays that will fish just as well.

Mullet fishos are finding decent fish in the corner of Red Rock Bay, Pelican Point, Nene Valley and around 8 Mile Creek and as per usual it’s just a matter of getting a burley trail going, fishing nice and light tackle and putting in time.

The Glenelg River fished well for bream and estuary perch over the weekend.

I saw fish from right down the front on the sand flats, through to the upper reaches around the snags.

The only secret this weekend seemed to be that the fish were holding close up to the edges, sometimes in such shallow water that their top fins were breaking the surface.

The lure of choice this weekend was the Daiwa double clutch which is extremely versatile.

The mulloway news was a bit slow, but I did hear of a couple of legal fish caught in the Taylors Straight area to 75cm and a few down under the bridge.

The fish upriver have become a bit less concentrated, but they’re still there, just spread out a bit.

The forecast for this coming weekend looks very average so it’ll be only the keenest of anglers who hit the water.

With the start of school holidays this weekend we’re all hoping the weather fines up next week and we can take the kids down to wet a line.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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