Casting with Coatsy Casting with Coatsy

A settling sea saw plenty of anglers hit the water off Port MacDonnell in search of big tuna, there was a handful landed and plenty lost, so things look to be shaping up right on time.

The sea was not perfect, there was a bit of wind and slop to compete with, but the keen and experienced anglers headed out in search. There was a big fish tagged and released late last week off Port MacDonnell and over the course of the weekend, I have heard of pulled hooks, snapped hooks, bust offs and other fish hitting the line and snapping off.

If you speak to anyone who targets barrels, there could be hundreds of hours between bites and even when you do get one, there’s a lot that can let you down. I have not heard a lot of news about school fish, but with the weather as it was, the only boats out there were pulling big lures for big fish, so I have no doubt that when we see guys targeting them, we’ll see great numbers.

I have not heard a heap from bottom bouncers this week, it has not really been the weather for dropping the anchor. Once we see the swell drop a little bit more, I have got no doubt the sharks will still be there in good numbers just as they have been.

The South East Amateur Surf Fishing Club held the Chris Ploenges memorial competition over the weekend and by all accounts it was a very challenging competition. Mountains of seaweed on most beaches meant that anglers had to really work hard for their fish this time. The lucky winners this weekend were Gary Lawes, Les Godrick and Graeme Ploenges.

There was a nice mix of salmon, whiting and mullet weighed in and it was great to see so many blokes fishing even in trying conditions. There have been a few boaties chasing the whiting over the past week and while the numbers are not like we were used to before the big weather event a week ago, the size has remained excellent.

Land based fishos have had it tough with weed and kelp being washed ashore in most bays, so it’s been a week for the boats. Carpenter Rocks and the Port Mac breakwater have been probably the best, but a few other areas have also produced.

With all the seaweed now piled up on the beaches, now is the perfect time to start chasing mullet in the shallows. As the weed starts to break down and rot, the mullet come in their droves to feed on the bugs that eat it. Getting a small burley trail going is the best bet, then a light float with some gents or cut cockle is a great way to put a feed on the table.

You’ll probably find the odd salmon trout, silver trevally or garfish on your travels too. A few anglers took off inland over the weekend to some of the lakes and reservoirs across western Victoria and found some pretty good fishing.

Rocklands Reservoir has been fairly consistent recently, some nice yellowbelly are still being reported and we’re seeing more trout turn up too. Black Magic Rattlesnack lures have been red hot for the trollers in the western lakes, picking up not only trout, but some chunky redfin too. Mill Swamp has been excellent again, I have seen plenty of fish coming from there and although they’re not all monsters, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained.

The Glenelg River is slowly but surely kicking into gear. We’re seeing a few more mulloway each week being caught and it’s only a matter of time before we crack a few big ones. The estuary and township areas have been a bit weedy thanks to those large seas, but that weed is subsiding and those fishing around it have done fairly well.

The bream and estuary perch have been fairly good again this week, lure fishos have been finding them on fairly heavy weighted plastics and deep diving minnows along the steeper rocky banks and bait fishos have been in much the same areas.

The forecast for the weekend at this stage looks fairly fishable for the time being, the wind and swell are both backing off for the offshore and surf guys, so hopefully we see plenty of anglers out on the water.

Until next week, safe fishing!

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