Celebration of the past and the future

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Celebration of the past and the future

There have been many changes in the forestry sector in the last five decades, however one organisation has remained a constant support throughout that period.

LITA Training this month marks its 50th anniversary of operations, after being formed to improve safety and training in the logging industry.

The Logging Investigation and Training Association (now LITA Training) was created to provide training and related services to the forestry and forest products industries at a time when workplace safety was a real issue.

Before industry mechanisation, tree fellers often operated with chainsaws and axes, with an average of 300 workers injured each year.

Recognising something needed to be done to address this safety issue, representatives from Woods and Forests, Softwoods, SAPFOR and KCA joined forces to support the creation of LITA, with the South East Log Hauliers later joining the group.

The nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) originally supported workers in the forest, before growing to service those in the transport and machine operating industries.

During the last five decades, LITA Training has grown its model to provide a host of training options, from licencing for forklift, heavy vehicles from MR to MC, front end loader, chainsaw training while continuously offering vital training and assessment within the forest sector, fostering a culture of safety, and nurturing the workforce of tomorrow.

As LITA Training reflects on its journey, they are proud of how far they have come and remain committed to adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of the VET sector and supporting their Industries and students.

To achieve this, LITA Training operates within a student-focused framework for all its activities, which ensures consistency and quality of training service delivery.

In embracing a fresh, modern identity launching their updated logo during the celebrations, they bid farewell to their former title, The Logging Investigation and Training Association Inc.

Instead, proudly uphold the legacy of LITA Training, renowned for its exceptional standards and quality training, as they strive to cement their position as the preferred Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in their chosen Industries.

LITA was established by the Industry with a mission to foster a culture of safety and excellence within our sector.

Decades later, LITA Training is grateful for the unwavering support of industry partners, whose backing remains solid.

Moving forward, they remain dedicated to their founding principles, prioritising safety and delivering quality training to ensure a secure future for all their students.

The board currently includes chair Mark Wells (GTFP), Steven Witherow (Tabeel Trading Nominations), Dianne Muhovics (Moreland Holdings), Renee Ackerley (South West Freight), Tim Williams (Timberlands Pacific), Darren Culverwell (LV Dohnt & Co) and Jo Eaton (One Forty One Plantations).

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