Cold doesn’t bother top teams

Only two words could describe last Saturday morning, windy and freezing.

The first feature game of round 17 in the 2022 Mount Gambier Netball Association season is the Under 13A teams of Intruders and Amazons.

Intruders sit first on their ladder while Amazons was last, which meant the former entered the contest as overwhelming favourites.

Intruders backed this up by being a dominant force throughout this game.

Their defence consisted of Angela Walsgott, Jasmine Reed, Ciara Henare, and Lauren White and these four players showed up all over the court, with many of them scoring intercepts, and keeping the game at an extreme fast pace for their age bracket.

Amazons still stumbled the Intruders at many stages and more consistently during the second half of the match.

Maddison Green from Amazons was a little superstar in the second half of the game, having moments of stepping in front of the ball, feeding it well to her teammates, and even got some amazing intercepts that had the crowd roaring.

But Intruders proved to be too tough against Amazons, storming away to a comfortable 33-2 win.

It was a massive score that did not reflect the game.


Even with the arrival of the afternoon games, the freezing wind had still stuck around at Olympic Park.

The A2 matchup between Hobitz, and Saints was always going to be a tough one.

The energy during the warm-ups continued into the game itself, especially by the Hobitz players as their defence was brilliant, while their shooters also looked dangerous.

Kellie Wallace was a standout in the first half and was always there for her players as someone to pass to and never stood still around the court.

Saints also played a good defensive game and knew when and where to rattle the Hobitz players.

But that was only a rare occurrence as the Hobitz players always had their game faces on.

By half-time Saints had one thing to do, chase, after letting Hobitz run away to an 11-goal lead.

There was still a fast-paced energy on the court in the second half of the game, but unfortunately, Saints could not catch up for the score.

At full time the scoreboard read 40-20, Hobitz way after a dominant performance to continue their strong position at the top of the ladder.

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