Community support flows

OneFortyOne and Stand Like Stone have granted $85,000 to community groups across the Limestone Coast. The funding will support a range of projects from upgrading tools at Men’s Sheds to regulation and mindfulness training empowering local educators.

Allendale East Area School is one of 10 groups that will receive a grant and plan to purchase a luggage trailer for the Steven Noble Community Bus. Allendale East Area School Governing Council Chairperson Jenna Griffiths said the grant would help provide a better service to those using the bus.

“The bus is used by a number of local groups to keep people safer on the roads, to and from functions and events,” Ms Griffiths said. “Until now we have had to have people’s luggage, such as sports equipment, in the bus itself. “Having the trailer will separate passengers and their luggage, making it more comfortable and safer for anyone using the bus. “We have been wanting to upgrade for a while, so we’re grateful we can finally do it.”

OneFortyOne Jubilee Sawmill General Manager Paul Hartung said there was a clear need in the community and OneFortyOne would provide further funding, beyond their $50,000 commitment with Stand Like Stone, to directly support more projects. “We are in a position this year where we are able to support a number of worthwhile projects beyond our partnership with Stand Like Stone,” Mr Hartung said.

“The amount of applications received made it clear there was a need in our community. “Even more so, it was clear that groups are passionate about taking action on meaningful projects that will help their communities and beyond. “That kind of drive is something we want to encourage.”

When assessing grant applications, the committee considered factors such as wider impact of projects, longevity of a project and in-kind support. Stand Like Stone chief executive Anne Kerr said the value of the grants goes well beyond a dollar value.

“The positive effect of the projects we’re able to support can be life changing,” she said. “A relatively small thing, such as funding a workshop, upgrading machinery, or installing solar panels, can have significant immediate and flow on benefits to the community.”

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