Could this be the year wine lovers have been waiting for?

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Could this be the year wine lovers have been waiting for?

The Coonawarra Wine industry, together with counterparts from the broader Limestone Coast Wine Region, gathered recently to undertake a ‘post vintage tasting’ of over 100 wines from the 2024 Vintage.

The annual tasting, hosted at the historic Coonawarra Hall, offered a first glimpse into the wines that promise to define this remarkable vintage.

Producers from across the district sampled the fruits of the 2024 harvest that reflected the distinct character of this year’s unique growing season.

Senior Winemaker for Majella Wines Bruce Gregory has been involved with hosting the Post Vintage tasting for several years, and said he was very impressed with the samples that had been submitted for tasting from producers across the region.

“There is no shortage of variety in the bottles presented, from light whites to robust reds.

“To some extent many of the wines are in an unfinished condition, however, the tasting is by no means a wine show,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity for our winemaking community to see and hear what the season has delivered, with producers able to get a view of the quality of the 2024 Vintage from a range of style perspectives.”

Mr Gregory also shared his thoughts on the standout Cabernets.

“The 2024 vintage has produced bolder wines with more colour and nice big tannins in the Cabernet, which will help keep the wines fresh for longer,” he said.

According to the Coonawarra Vignerons 2024 Vintage report, the 2024 vintage faced a set of challenges and opportunities that have culminated in wines of extraordinary depth and complexity.

Despite variable weather conditions, including an unseasonably cool spring and a dry, warm summer, the vineyards have yielded grapes of remarkable quality.

These conditions have contributed to wines with vibrant acidity, concentrated flavours, and a balance that promises excellent ageing potential.

Leconfield winemaker Greg Foster concurred and praised the overall quality of the reds.

“This vintage is right up there with the best. The wines have massive intensity, with vibrant mid- palates and generous mouthfeel. The young wines we are tasting have ripe sensuous tannins and exquisite aromatics,” he said.

Viticulturalist Chris Brodie highlighted the exceptional Rieslings of this vintage.

“The Riesling is stunning this year, showcasing classic Coonawarra characteristics. It’s nice and vibrant, exactly what we aim for,” he said.

Penley Estate Winemaker Lauren Hansen commented on the consistency and richness of colour and flavours that can be observed from right around the region from the most recent vintage.

“It is obviously very early in the lifetime of these wines, but there is enormous potential for 2024 to be one of the greats. The depth of flavour through the mid-palate is excellent, with an incredible brightness and clarity to the fruit expression,” she s

This vintage not only reflects the hard work and dedication of the region’s winemakers but also sets a new benchmark for excellence in the modern era of Coonawarra winemaking.

The Coonawarra Vignerons 2024 Vintage report is available to view online at

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