Council commits to inclusive townships

Acommitment to making communities and townships within the district “welcoming and inclusive for everyone” has prompted Grant District Council to establish a new advisory group.

Council’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Panel (AIAP) has been established with the appointment of six inaugural committee members.

Appointment of the members was confirmed at a recent council meeting. 

Council’s development services team leader John Best said extensive public consultation was undertaken with six submissions during a five-week recruitment period.

“Recruitment efforts were conducted using the ‘Your say’ consultation page and via targeted invitations,” Mr Best said.

“Two submissions were from organisational groups and four from individuals with lived experience.”

Organisational members are Brett Orr and Oathman “Ozi” Fazilhmed and independent members Leesher Schultz, Laurence Mann, Kerry Ruwoldt and Maree Glynn.

The appointment is for a period of two years.

“During 2019 council undertook to introduce a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP),” Mr Best said.

“The four-year DAIP was structured to address accessibility in four key areas.”

Mr Best highlighted the key areas being information and communication, built environments and facilities, employment, as programs and services.

“It is pleasing to see the expressions of interest received have come from applicants with a broad range of expertise and experiences, in disability matters,” he said.

“It is envisaged the AIAP will be in an excellent position to make informed and practical recommendations to council over the coming years.

“All members have a strong connection to the council, with three members living and working in the council area.

“These members have identified areas of interest and experience in disability access and inclusion. 

“The DAIP 2020-2024 demonstrates council’s vision for a fully inclusive society that values and respects all people as equal and contributing members of the community.

“The plan has been developed in consultation with staff, the public and various focus groups. The plan provides the framework to improve access and inclusion for all people in the community.”

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