Council gives office ‘green light’

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Conditional planning approval has been granted for the proposed $9.2m Wattle Range Council office in Milicent.

The “green light” by the council’s assessment panel was given at a meeting the morning after the council voted at its June monthly meeting to advance the proposal by asking its architects to prepare detailed plans in readiness to go to tender.

The council assessment panel considered a 160-page document prepared by consultant planner John Mason.

It heard verbal presentations from him, council chief executive Ben Gower and engineering services director Peter Halton.

Seven other council staff were in attendance while panel member and Kintore Ward councillor Peter Dunnicliff submitted an apology for non-attendance.

The meeting was then closed to the public for 30 minutes in order for the panel members to consider the application for the former netball/tennis courts and parklands area on North Terrace.

Among the conditions imposed by the panel is the requirement for a detailed landscaping plan.

It must include details of species, spacings and where trees and shrubs are to be located.

The plan should include additional plantings in areas to the west of the proposed building to enhance its presentation to Williams Road.

Stormwater from the proposed development shall be disposed of so that it does not affect the stability of the proposed development or any other building on the site or the neighbouring Millicent Croquet Club property, and so that it does not create an unhealthy condition on the site

The panel reserved one matter with respect to the lighting detail for the main carpark.

It is required to minimise light spill on the neighbouring residential properties and meet relevant Australian Standards.

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