Council inspectors busy

Dozens of cats are currently causing problems for the general inspectors employed by Wattle Range Council.

The situation has been explained in the quarterly report of development services director Emma Clay.

“The increased number of feral and unowned cat complaints have resulted in a new revised process with the Millicent Veterinary Clinic to help manage the numbers and costs involved with managing the complaints,” Ms Clay said.

“The general inspectors are currently investigating three different large populations of unowned cats with 20-plus cats at each property.”

Her staff have also been busy with other compliance-related duties.

“Illegal woodcutting has been prominent in the last few months as residents were attempting to prepare for the winter,” Ms Clay said.

“Several reports have resulted in expiations being issued and several cautions and some ongoing investigations.

“There are several residences that have been brought to our attention as having hoarding issues.

“The environmental health officer is providing ongoing support to assist in cleaning up these homes.

“Due to improved aerial imagining and access to information, we are now picking up some unlawful (property)developments that have previously been overlooked.

“Council staff are addressing these unlawful developments as they arise.

“There has been a recent spike in landowners unlawfully residing on their land.

“This may be in caravans, sheds or other non-approved structures.

“Our development team is also addressing these cases as they are brought to our attention and will be supported with the employment of the third general inspector in the 22/23 financial year to specifically assist with building and planning compliance.”

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