Councillor’s COVID opinion heard

Alocal councillor has stated he wants clear answers from the State Government around natural immunity from COVID 19 verses vaccinated immunity.

Elected member Gavin Clarke has requested Grant District Council advocate his question regarding immunity through exposure to the virus, along with people’s right to return to work.

His query was raised in the questions on notice tabled at council’s ordinary meeting.

“Are elected members and staff aware that naturally induced immunity through exposure to the actual virus, provides better and longer lasting immunity than vaccination.

“More importantly, is the only way to reduce virus transmission through the development of antibodies in the mucosal system?” Cr Clarke said.

“This information was released by the American CDC in October and should be influencing the way we are protecting our most vulnerable citizens.”

Cr Clarke questioned whether attention should now be directed towards identifying those people who have had the virus and recovered.

“Thereby giving them the highest, and longest lasting, protection from the virus and greater protection to others against transmission of the virus in its early, respiratory stage?” he said.

According to Cr Clarke, this argument was made very eloquently by Dr Sharon Kalyan at a recent Canadian Parliamentary Debate.

He recommended watching the entire debate, stating the most relevant information is delivered in Dr Kalyan’s opening address.

“I do not think it is our responsibility to raise these questions, but the fact of the matter is it seems the policy is wrong. It’s not representing the essential facts,” Cr Clarke said.

“Somebody should be bringing it to the attention of the authorities.

“Natural immunity provides longer lasting immunity.

“It provides just as great protection from serious disease and provides mucosal immunity in the upper airways which vaccines cannot do because they are in the blood stream.

“Mucosal immunity means if you breathe in your body can fight it off sooner.

“That’s why its critically important, especially for those people at risk.”

Cr Clarke continued the discussion later in the meeting when his notice of motion was raised.

The motion was in relation to requesting council advocate to relevant government departments to review and amend current health policy.

“My motion is more in regards to specific places that are being mandated, hospitals, teaching, aged care.

“I’m not aware of anyone being granted any exemption of being vaccinated when they are required to be vaccinated on the grounds if they had prior infection.

“I’m referring to people unvaccinated and who had COVID.

“Which is why I put the question.

“The data shows that if you had COVID, regardless there’s nothing vaccination can do to improve your immunity.

“The CDC released large scale data showing the people that had natural immunity without any vaccination had slightly higher immunity than those who had been fully vaccinated, and that immunity lasted three months at the time.

“Further to the Omicron variant is a natural vaccine, is better than the natural vaccine, it provides much greater protection.

“Including what I was referring to, the mucosal protection.

“It should be recognised that people with natural immunity are preferred to work with at risk people.”

According to Cr Clarke, government health officials know natural immunity is effective.

“But it’s not being communicated. The Canadian government knows and that’s why they are bringing in the changes,” he said.

“Other countries around the world are acting on this.

“It makes perfect sense.

“We need to be protecting our most at risk people. I do not see it happening.

“I’m looking at it going ‘what the blazers’, why are we not recognising the strength of natural immunity and using that to our advantage.

“People who are most at risk just want to avoid catching it at all.

“But they probably want to avoid it until they are in the best possible health and circumstances.

“This is why it is so vital.

“The rest of us will just get it and provide that herd immunity.

“Every week that goes by is people at risk and contracting the disease unnecessarily.”

In response, chief executive Darryl Whicker said council’s role was to support community health and government initiatives.

“While I cannot speak for the awareness of individuals, the primary responsibility for the emergency management pandemic and community health is with State and Federal Governments,” he said.

“Council’s role is not to undertake and assess the epidemiology, cause, consequences, treatment of diseases, but rather to support community health and State Government initiatives.

“Council while not directly responsible for health may elect to advocate for key community issues of concern by method of council resolution.

“I do not expect staff to have the level of knowledge like you do because you have that curiosity going in to it because it’s not our core role and responsibility but council does have the right to advocate issues.”

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