Cover price to increase

The time has come, dear readers, for The SE Voice to increase our cover price from next week.

Almost two years after starting a 24-page weekly paper, we’re now averaging 100 pages across two editions each week.

Some 137 editions in, we have had our hand forced by massive hikes in newsprint costs, estimated to reach increases of up to 80% come July 1.

With skyrocketing fuel prices, our freight charges have also increased, leading to a double whammy cost impost.

We’re not one to shy away from a challenge here at The SE Voice – after all we did start our independent newspaper in the midst of the COVID pandemic, stepping in to support our local community when other mastheads stepped away.

Rest assured that your $3 investment every Tuesday and Thursday goes to support a staff of 16 at your only locally owned newspaper.

We vow to continue supporting our local community – and we genuinely thank you for your support.

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