Creative vision realised

Artscape Creatives has opened its local art gallery on 40 Gray Street, painting a picture of creativity and inclusivity.

The night featured food catered by Thyme at the Lakes, a bar manned by Caroline Hills Winery, speeches and official merchandise for sale.

Co-owner and co-founder Pariya Ziakas said the business had a large crowd beyond their expectations despite the cold weather.

“We have had such strong support from our families and the Mount Gambier community,” she said.

“There were not specific activities because it was more about opening the space and allowing people to have a look at what we had in there and what we are all about.

“We are now focusing on getting out into the community and offering further workshops, art classes and events.

“We want to make this an art space people can feel comfortable going to have lessons, make friends, enjoy the company and really be a part of the arts.”

It is a self-confessed “dream come true” for owners and founders Mrs Ziakas and Ruth Stephenson who met while working as art teachers at Grant High School.

Mrs Ziakas said the business partners have developed a really strong connection and friendship, sharing the same ideas and passions, and working off each other’s energy.

“Ruth and I started working at the beginning of last year with sip and paint events at different venues, but we always had this dream to open our own studio space,” she said.

“We took the leap and decided it was never going to be the perfect time, so we found this amazing space and just gave it a go during COVID-19.

“We had a plan and we made that plan a reality, but we are still working on ideas and looking at what comes next.

“I think there is a real need for this studio space within Mount Gambier because there is not much here in terms of visual arts.”

Artscape Creatives offer art workshops for a variety of ages and skill levels, to find out more visit or their social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

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