Criticism taken

Outspoken critics of the Robe District Council have come to the attention of its Mayor Alison Nunan.

Mayor Nunan referred to them in her recent monthly report.

“During the intense round of community consultation in May and June, I found it difficult to hear what felt like the continuous stream of criticism of the Robe District Council,” Mayor Nunan said.

“Now that I have had time to reflect, the vast majority of the community seem to be happy with the progress we are making and can see the improvements in many areas.

“Those who are critical mostly have genuine concerns over the matters which are important to them and it is valuable to have people point out things to us as we cannot be across every issue in the Robe district.

“It is important that community members feed their thoughts directly into staff or elected members and not through a third party.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Nunan said other community concerns raised in recent times have been storm damage, maintenance of Lannum Park, stormwater issues in the Robe township and potholes on State Government roads.

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