Drivers entertain on tricky track

Round 2 of the SEAC Super Series took place on Sunday at the SEAC Park Sporting Complex under the direction of club president Curtis Boyd. 

Weather conditions were less than ideal in the days leading up to the event which presented a very sloppy race surface for the 48 competitors that had entered to get some more track time and series points. 

After a sight lap, competitors were given an option to proceed or stay and watch. 

Starting from last year’s Number 1, Dale Cagney had the dubious honour of exploring the treacherous track conditions and, as did quite a few that followed him, drove a very cautious in the first heat. 

It comes as no surprise the top 6 positions in each of the five heats were listed against the same group of  drivers, albeit shared about, depend- ing on the depth of mud on the track. 

 Heat 1 went the way of a very deserving Damien Brand pedalling the Can Am Pro Buggy around the SEAC layout as though it was a “dry” track, setting the pace at a very quick 1:53.75 seconds, a very respectable  time for a track in the best of condi- tions, let alone a sea of mud. 

 Round 1 top dog, Simon Feil, had to settle for next in line some 1.5 seconds in arrears, but some three seconds better than Nicholas Cagney’s  WRX for third. 

Paul Heenan, having a competitive drive around the SEAC Park Track in his Galant VR4 for the first time in what seems like years, showed that he can still get a good lap together and got home in fourth spot a couple of seconds in front of John Whitehead’s Phoenix Buggy in fifth and just in front of a very conservative Dale Cagney’s Lancer EVO6 getting home in sixth spot. 

Another to be a little on the “safer” side of flat out, Geoff Wilson’s Peugeot GTI6 filled the seventh spot, seven seconds back from the 4WD EVO, but three seconds up from Dylan Gregory in his Subaru Impreza, home in eighth, some three seconds clear of a hard charging Falcon Pilot, Dion Becker, in ninth; just three tenths in front of Ken Moore in his Celica. 

Heat 2 and a changing track sur- face saw a little more grip in a couple of spots, where mud and water had been relocated by the 48 odd cars, that meant an increase in speed, to arrive at the next muddy bit to be dealt with. 

These changes did catch a few people off guard, resulting in off track excursions, or a couple of belt tightening moments for the memory bank for future reference. 

Top runner this heat, Nicholas Cagney found a good groove and locked in top slot, nine tenths in front of Brand’s Can Am, who stole a spot from Simon Feil, 16/100’s behind in third place. 

John Whitehead also bettered his previous run by 10 full seconds and got in fourth spot, three seconds in front of Dale Cagney and Paul Heenan who took equal fifth spot with identical 1:55.28 second heat times, over the 1.9km lap. 

Club president, Curtis Boyd, donning the competitor jacket and climb- ing into the Corolla AE82, found conditions much more to his liking this heat, bettering the first round 2:17.04 time to stop the clock at 2:01.94 and seventh spot. 

Ken Moore also ripped 14 seconds off his previous outing to a 2:01.97 – three hundredths of a second behind Boyd’s Corolla – to list in eighth spot, just in front of Barry Edwards in his Huge Nissan Patrol off-roader getting home at a tidy 2:02.10 with Nicholas Doll’s Impreza fitting 10th spot with a 2:04.78. 

Heat 3 and a now drying track surface (in some spots, still wet) Feil made it home in 1:44.78 to edge out Nicholas Cagney at 1:45.29 and Whitehead’s Buggy at 1:49.72 for second and third. 

Dale Cagney lifted his game with the better grip level and stopped the clock at 1:50.41, just bettering Brand’s effort of 1:50.69 and Heenan’s VR4 time of 1:51.78 for fifth and sixth. 

Seventh quickest fell the way of Geoff Wilson’s Pug at 1:56.16, just a touch quicker than Dion Becker’s 1:56.44 and Ken Moore at a 1:56.63, with a stylish slide/drive effort of  Gary Brown being rewarded with 10th spot, stopping the clock at 1:57.22. 

More grip means more speed and that is what the score sheet reflects for Heat 4. 

Nicholas Cagney, now wearing the  Subaru STi as a glove put in an excel- lent effort to set the standard at a very  well driven 1:43.28, closely followed by Simon Feil’s effort rewarded with second spot time of 1:44.03, well clear of Dale Cagney at 1:46.50, Brand at 1:47.47 now feeling the grip level, as did John Whitehead’s Buggy at 1:48.19, fourth and fifth. 

Paul Heenan kept sixth spot with 1:51.28 in the VR4 good enough to hold Geoff Wilson’s Pug in seventh with his 1:52.09 the best he could do. 

Jayden Edwards also found a little extra on this outing and got the Commodore around the lap in 1:52.25 with Gary Brown’s Falcon next in line at 1:53.50 and Dion Becker’s Falcon rounding out the Top 10 at his 1:54.87. 

As Heat 4 finished, mother nature added a little rain for those last few to contend with. 

Track conditions had been on the improve, but it did not take much of this sprinkling of rain to make the grippy track become greasy, with some of the last heat times reflecting the change in grip. 

Nicholas Cagney found enough grip (mid heat) to take the top spot from Simon Feil (also mid heat),  Damien Brand (early heat), Paul Heenan (late heat), Dale Cagney (early heat) and John Whitehead (mid heat) all getting a different track to race on and holding 1-6th all day. 

Next to rise to the challenge, Dion Becker’s last run was a second slower than the fourth heat, but this time good enough for seventh, keeping Ken Moore to eighth, Barry Edwards ninth and Jayden Edwards filling tenth. 

Points for an entertaining Round 2 outing are yet to be confirmed and are listed as: Nicholas Cagney 9:01.50 seconds  – 1st Class W, Simon Feil 9:02.16 sec- onds – 2nd Class W, Damien Brand  9:10.98 seconds – 3rd Class W, John Whitehead 9:23.55 seconds – 4th  Class W, Dale Cagney 9:25.25 sec- onds – 5th Class W, Paul Heenan  9:27.83 seconds – 6th Class W, Ken Moore 10:07.91 seconds – 7th Class D, Geoff Wilson 10:14.00 seconds – 8th Class D, Dion Becker 10:19.03 seconds – 9th Class E, Curtis Boyd 10:19.26 seconds – 10th Class C, Gary Brown 10:21.15 seconds – 11th Class B, Chris Catalano 10:53.24 seconds – 15th 1st Junior, Amy Ryan 10:54.44 seconds – 16th 1st Lady/Class A. 

The next event listed on the SEAC Calendar is a double header on the June long weekend, with the club holding a round of the SA Autocross Championship over Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13.

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