Dycer Constructions T20 Big Bash final

Three rounds and 15 games of breathtaking cricket will be decided by one day of action when the 2021/22 Dycer Constructions Big Bash title goes on the line in a super Sunday of Twenty20 tricks at Frew Park.

The pool stages of the crash and bash competition are over and only four teams remain in the running to get their hands on the special prize.
Penola, North Sportsman’s, West Gambier and Mil Lel are the last teams standing and the quartet will throw everything at each other on the most unpredictable day of the summer.

Two semi-finals and a Grand Final will take centre stage on one stunning afternoon of T20 cricket where plenty of pyrotechnics are guaranteed.
For those who cannot make it, the T20 cricket final will be broadcast live on 5GTR radio.