Eagles firm as team to beat with solid win

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Eagles firm as team to beat with solid win

Round 2 of the Southern Ports Tennis Association season continued over the weekend, with three matches taking the courts.

Kingston did not back down in their first match of the season, comfortably defeating the Robe Roosters with some spectacular games from the top men.

Frances/Lucindale Eagles again look like the team to beat this season, defeating Lucindale Koalas by 10 sets.

It was an unfortunate weekend for Penola, who could not field a team, handing a second win to Lucindale Wombats.

Finally, in the closest match of the round, Beachport turned around their Round 1 loss, defeating Robe’s Rebels, 14 sets to 10.

Robe Roosters 3-62 LT Kingston 21-157

It was a lovely day in Robe for Kingston’s first game for the year.

The wind made for a few mishits but was not as bad as previous games fortunately.

Kingston was off to a great start, with a clean sweep of the mixed doubles only dropping nine games out of the 6 sets total.

The Robe men then recovered, winning three out of six singles.

What a game on the centre court between Paul Rains and Matt Menz, both playing unbelievable in the windy conditions and just a great game.

Rains coming away with an upset win 8-6 in the tiebreak, hitting some unreal shots.

The Kingston ladies won all six of their singles, a close one between Alex Menz and Tracey Bainger which was another great game, Menz coming away with that win 7-5.

Shout out to the Kingston juniors we had filling in – Anna Rasheed, Jacob Mules and Katie Rasheed, all three are playing great tennis and are little superstars in the making.

They filled the Kingston ladies’ team at four, five and six respectively and not only won all of their singles, but won all three sets each for the day, great work you three.

Kingston then won all of the Ladies and Men’s doubles.

It was a close game in the top men’s doubles, with Matt and Shaun keen to get a win and they did so 9-7.

Overall, Kingston won quite convincingly with Paul Rains, Peter Obst and Lewis Ling winning the three sets for Robe in their singles.

Three set winners for Kingston were Bianca Cunneen, Stacey Lehmann, Steve Edwards, Alex Menz, Anna Rasheed, Lou Leidig, Jacob Mules, James Lehmann and Katie Rasheed.

Lucindale Koalas 7-102 LT Frances/Lucindale Eagles 17-145

On paper the teams looked very even and there were some very close sets in the top order.

The contest of the day was between Sam Graetz (Koalas) and Tarrant Fudge (Eagles).

Both boys’ racquets took a pounding from their aggressive hitting and from the frustration caused by the strong winds.

Tarrant was too strong in the end and won two sets out of the three.

Mon Van Dyk (Eagles) got the call up late and managed to win three after just having baby number four.

Other three set winners for the Eagles were James Crossling, Hayley Crossing, Jane Fitzgerald, Bob Williams and Craig Jones and for the Koalas the only three set winner was Leanne Graetz.

Beachport 14-120 def. Robe Rebels 10-111

In yet another week of the South East’s typical Spring conditions, the Beachport Pirates hosted the Robe Rebels for a day of wayward ball tosses and minimal lob shots.

Despite the call for 24 sets to be settled out of the wind at the pub, play pushed forward with the Rebels keen to hit the road early for their annual Beer Fest.

The Rebels got off to a slower start in the mixed doubles contests, only managing to take two sets from the Pirates with solid wins from the top ranked Egan Regnier and Lisa Hall, and Jed Regnier and Kimberley Austin.

The singles saw a much closer result as the wind started to subside, with Beachport and Robe taking six sets each.

The home court advantage proved non-existent for Noah Lang and Jake Harris in their singles matches against the Regnier boys, going down 6-1 and 6-2 respectively – maybe there are some advantages in living in a town that’s windy 300 days of the year.

Emma Vasek had her work cut out for her against Lucy Corman however only managed to walk away with three.

Tamara Sutherland’s push up the order was met with strong competition, falling short to Courtney Drabsch 6-2.

In the men’s, Andy Brown’s mind had already crossed to the craft beers by the time singles came around, going down 6-1 to Darcy Bateman.

The new father Ben Lang did not let his sleep deprivation stop him from cementing a win 6-1 over Jesse Robertson.

There were plenty of three set winners across the day from both sides as Tim Loveday, Darcy Bateman, Lucy Corman, Nat Chambers and Axel Joyce took the chocolates for Beachport.

The top order for Robe proved too strong all day with Egan Regnier, Lisa Hall, Jed Regnier and Kimberley Austin all taking three sets for the day.

There was a good selection of afternoon tea on offer this week with hazelnut slice for the entrée, sausage rolls straight from the air fryer, and watermelon for the refresher.

Big shoutout to Robbie Bateman for learning how to operate an oven in Sally’s absence, managing to put together a selection of choc chip biscuits.

Lucindale Wombats defeated Penola by way of forfeit.

In Round 3 matches could go either way.

Top team the Lucindale Wombats will travel into Naracoorte for their first away game of the season.

Penola will play their first home game against the Robe Roosters; both teams will be looking for their first win of the season.

Meanwhile, Kingston will host the Lucindale Koalas in their first home game.

The match to watch though will be the Robe Rebels vs Frances/Lucindale Eagles.

The Rebels will have a fight on their hands up against a strong Eagles outfit.

It will be a battle of men’s singles, where we hope to see Egan Regnier take on Tarrant Fudge, while brother Jed Regnier battles it out against James Crossling.

Played in Robe, this is tipped to be the match of the round.


Kingston def. Naracoorte Blue 44 games to 35

It was another windy morning in Kingston for Round 2 of Southern Ports Junior Tennis.

There were some excellent match ups and very close games.

Anna R filled in for Naracoorte Blue which made for a great match against younger sister Katie.

Anna came away with the win 6-4 in a very tight match.

Max was very strong winning his singles 6-2 and well done to Sam Rasheed getting his first singles win in his second game for Kingston.

There was wonderful sportsmanship from both sides which made for a great morning.

Naracoorte Yellow def. Naracoorte White 46 games to 35

Naracoorte Yellow proved too strong on Saturday morning, coming away with an 11 game victory.

The weather was kind and no rain made for good match play.

There was some very competitive tennis from both teams and good rallies had across all matches.

Charlie McCarthy had a very successful day winning both his single and doubles 6-2.

Mia McCarthy and Jack Orton battled it out for a 7-5 victory to Mia.

Naracoorte Red def. Lucindale koalas 46 games to 18

Naracoorte Red secured an overall win against Lucindale Koalas.

Vanda Maywald, for Lucindale, played well and very consistently in both matches.

Whist Angus from Naracoorte was a standout, showcasing his solid improvement as he secured a win in both his doubles and singles matches.

Millicent/Beachport def. Lucindale Roos 40 games to 39

Millicent had another home game when they took on the Lucindale Roos.

It was a great start to the morning, kicking off with the doubles matches.

Everyone had a really good time.

Singles were difficult to play with the wind picking up, making it very challenging, but that did not stop everyone having amazing games.

Millicent came home with the win by one game.

At the end of Round 2, Kingston is top of the ladder, closely followed by Naracoorte Yellow both with two wins.

Good luck to all the teams next week and here’s hoping for some sunshine and less wind.

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