Eagles soar to grand final

The younger goalies started nervously but it did not take them long to start hitting their target.

Keston Green and Sarah Faulkner started well for the Eagles with their experience showing.

Lacey Haines had an outstanding first quarter, finding plenty of the ball. Emma Gould for the Tigers started well at GS, using her height to her advantage.

Hatherleigh’s defence was relentless with Maddie Pulmer and Maddie Redman getting plenty of touches.

The Eagles’ Lara McGregor, Tegan Merrett and Faulkner provided plenty of drive to their goal circle. Hatherleigh held a 33-17 lead at the main break.

Tayla Rowe came off for the Tigers, bringing Kate Bromley back to GK and Georgia Clarke into GD. Vic and Alex Lucas swapped with Vic moving to WD and Alex to C. Hatherleigh brought Sarah Broadhead in at GK.

Both GS were dominant, Emma Gould was the focal point for the Tigers, while at the other end Green stood tall. Faulkner called injury time and left the court, replaced by Chelsea Galpin.

Tants’ goalies had a good final quarter, Jami Walker was able to find some good space. Eagles’ McGregor called injury time for an ankle which saw junior Rosie Nettle slot into the WA position.

The Tigers won the last quarter 18-13 but thanks to the Eagles strong lead they took the match 62-44.

A Reserve

Port Mac missed their first few scoring opportunities and Glencoe gathered any loose balls.

Glencoe’s Malinda Markiewicz and Taitlyn Rothe shot with accuracy. In Port Mac’s goal circle Megan Hein was the focal point, fed well by Montanna Millard and Narelle Lewis.

Glencoe brought Candice Albert into WA, working well with Jessie Gosden. Cody Manning came on for Port Mac in C to add fresh legs.

Belinda O’Dine from Port Mac shut out Taitlyn Rothe, but Markiewics had Holly Smith’s measure and held the attack line. Port Mac’s Millard was thrown back into C to match Gosden.

Smith and O’Dine worked hard in defence making the Glencoe goalies work hard. Glencoe’s lead at the start of the game carried them through to a win, 40-31.

B Grade 

It was a rebounders game with the ball spending a lot of time travelling up and down the court.

Glencoe came out firing in the first with plenty of turnovers allowing Abbie Cocks and Kayla Medhurst scoring opportunities to finish the quarter with a six goal lead.

Tantanoola applied pressure from Kristie Rowe and Amy Mason but Glencoe had the momentum, winning the quarter by two goals.

Glencoe went into the main break with a 24-16 lead, helped by the long arms of Chloe Watson and a fast Hayley Greenfield.

Tantanoola’s Danni Rutkowski moved to WD after the long break and the Tigers came out firing to win the quarter by three.

It was a close last quarter but Glencoe held on to win 38-32 helped by the defensive pressure of Sally McDonnell and Samantha Brierley.

B Reserve

Both sides shot accurately with Indi Marshall for Hatherleigh and Lauren Kenny both putting up some great shots.

Defensively Georgia Chant for Hatherleigh rebounded strongly while Krystal Owen took many rebounds for Glencoe.

The fourth quarter saw Glencoe make changes with their goalies and also their centre court which proved to be a game changer.

Lauren Kenny and Britt Liebich dominated and shot strongly and accurately.

Hatherleigh fought hard with their strong defensive line seeing the score even at the end of the match.

Time on saw Glencoe applying pressure throughout the court and scoring most of their shots and rebounding strongly to come away with a five goal win.

17 and Under 

Despite windy conditions both goalie combinations worked the ball close to the post to give themselves the best scoring opportunities.

Kalangadoo defenders Holly Watson and Emily Mulraney got their team the first break of the game.

Both midcourts ran hard with a tight tussle between Sophie Wrightson and Amelia Ballantyne. Mount Burr goalies Jemma Hayward and Charlie Muhovics continued to work the ball around the circle well.

At the other end, Mount Burr defenders Mckenzie Bevan and Maddie Gamble positioned well but strong and accurate feeds from Sophie Wrightson and Ebony Wurst gave Kalangadoo a three goal break.

Kalangadoo switched goalies Shelby Ryan and Kori Collins while Mount Burr’s Mackenzie Job entered the match at WD.

Kalangadoo held Mount Burr to just five goals and once again built on their lead to go into the last leading 25-18.

Mount Burr came out strong in the last with good passages of play from Amelia Ballantyne, Jarrah Altschwager and Job, but their efforts were not enough to stop the determination and strength of Kalangadoo, which won by 10.

15 and Under

Kalangadoo started the match strongly with Hatherleigh showing a lot of nerves and taking time to settle.

Hatherleigh made a lot of unforced errors and Kalangadoo capitalised. With a large margin at quarter time Hatherleigh moved Indi Howell to goals and Bella Poulish to defence.

Hatherleigh struggled to shut down Chloe Peacock who dominated through the midcourt.

Kalangadoo GA Tegan Lythgo controlled the circle and shot accurately in windy conditions.

Hatherleigh brought on Alex Haines and Kalli Nettle in the final term to add fresh legs which enabled them to win the quarter, but it was too little too late.

13 and Under 

Both teams went goal for goal for much of the first portion of the quarter.

Windy conditions proved challenging for goalies and gave many opportunities for the defenders.

Kalli Nettle positioned well to shoot with accuracy. The midcourt battled with Kaylah Wilson and Amber Chester fighting for every ball.

Hatherleigh continued to build on their lead through defensive pressure from Alex Haines and Poppy Fitzgerald. Hatherleigh went into half-time with a 10-goal lead.

Mount Burr brought Kaylei Alcock and Kodie Humphries into the wings, switching Tilly Gamble into GK and Kali Linnell into GA.

Gamble and Sara Smith made hard work for Hatherleigh’s Nettle, while the goalie combination of Holly Lowndes and Linnell proved to be a strength.

Nettle and Sylvie Barlow lifted their intensity while Fitzgerald took many timely intercepts giving her team plenty of opportunities.

Hatherleigh won the game 32 to 17.

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