Education excellence awarded

Mount Gambier’s Melaleuca Park Primary School team is celebrating after being named an excellence awardee for the Australian Education Awards 2021.

The school was one of eight nominated in Australia to receive the Best School Strategic Plan category. The award will be presented to the school leaders in Sydney in August, where the overall finalist will be announced for the Best Strategic Plan in Australia award.

Principal Lynette Corletto was the driving force behind the planning process and led the school within strategic plan development, which ultimately contributed towards positive learning outcomes for the students and the school receiving the award.

The school has updated and changed their policies and procedures to support students in their learning in a variety of ways. Acting Principal Matt Crowden said a lot of the learning and planning was achieved through their teaching sprints, where the teachers deliberately planned based on self-reflection of their teaching to improve outcomes for their students in a specific area.

Mr Crowden said the award showcased the hard work of the Melaleuca team. “It’s to help showcase some of the amazing things that are actually going on here, at this school,” he said. “It really is that recognition for the individual and teamwork that has gone into it.

“To show we have got the data and the evidence and the kids are progressing really well, it’s awesome for us to be able to work with the community, that we actually are leading this change and being a part of all that.”

Mr Crowden said the award was not only for the Melaleuca staff but also for the community, with the support from parents and care-givers, students, teaching staff, SSO’s and their school social worker creating a team approach. “It is based on everything the site has being doing and leading up to for the last few years,” he said.

“We acknowledge the learning in class is amazingly important, but it’s also the background little things that have led up to the change to get this award.”

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