Emergency declaration ends

The Major Emergency Declaration in South Australia for COVID-19 has ended after 793 days in an historic and significant step forward in the state’s management of the pandemic.

The State Co-ordinator declared a Major Emergency on March 22, 2020, as the COVID-19 outbreak first emerged in South Australia.

The declaration gave the State Co-ordinator extraordinary powers to issue directions such as lockdowns, capacity restrictions and quarantine orders as the state sought to contain the spread of the virus.

Under amendments to the Public Health Act, responsibility for COVID directions will transfer from the State Co-ordinator to the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Management Council resolved to lift the requirement for masks in schools from next week. Masks will now be strongly recommended, but not required, for all adults, including visitors and students in years 3 to 12.

Masks will only be required at a school in circumstances where one class reports 10 or more cases over seven days or one school has five classes with five cases or more over seven days.

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