Exciting netball match-ups

The Mount Gambier Netball Association officially arrives at the fifth round of the A Grade season.

This week there are some exciting games happening at Olympic Park, with one of them being between Vicis and Saints.

The Vicis team is not sitting well on the ladder so far this season, currently placing fifth after losing most of their games, however Saints sits next to them in position four.

Saints have lost narrowly close matches against the other A Grade sides.

Both teams have good offence and defensive sides, so this will be an exciting matchup with plenty of grit and tough attitude sure to be on display on Court One.


On the neighbouring court a tense matchup between Zodiacs and Intruders will take place.

Zodiacs have proved themselves to be a team to watch.

Zodiacs fell in the bottom two last season but now are fighting for a second-place spot against Hobitz.

The Zodiacs side won their first game in three years recently and with coach Tamara Ferguson’s praise of her defensive and offensive sides this season, it could be looking at an interesting season for the squad.

Cath Dycer’s Intruders have been the team to beat so far this season as they have not lost a game.

Intruders have had massive wins over every team they have come up against and that is due to the fact of their competitiveness on the court, however Zodiacs are not far behind in that category.

The game will be an interesting one to watch on Court Two at 2.45pm.

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