Eyes forward for netballers

Heading into round 11 this weekend, finals is the focus for many sides.

A Grade will see Vicis and Zodiacs in a close battle with Zodiacs still to record a win.

Vicis on the other hand have shown some great improvements this season and will come out ahead here.

Intruders and Hobitz will again play a tough game with high work coming all over the court.

The focus here will be on defensive pressure with scoring being challenged every time.

Mid-court will be tough with the pace and agility of each player on show.

Saints will step up again this week with their dominance being shown over Amazons.

 The ladies in pink have done well so far but this week will be a challenge.

Defence from Saints players is always a challenge to overcome due to their ability to pick off any mistimed passes.

Within A2 this week Hobitz and Zodiacs will match up in a tough game for the ladies in blue, while the game between Intruders and Saints will be close and a battle to the end.

B1 this week gives fans a great game between  Amazons and Hobitz Blue.

Both teams are well positioned in the top four and, with a five-goal game last  time, this one will go down the last minutes of the game.

Vicis and Hobitz will play off this week to claim second spot on the ladder with them both sitting at onewin each in previous games this season.

This game will be close as the last encounter came down to two goals.

One not to miss.

The Under 17 ladies have played some great games.

This week will see the in-house battle between Hobitz Red and Hobitz Blue.

Both are currently level on points with only percentage separating the sides.

The Under 15s will play witness to a close game between Zodiacs Gold and Hobitz.

With a spot on the line in the top 4, players will be chomping at the bit to get on the court and play a great game.

During the season the Under 13 A teams have played well and improved out of sight.

Matches have been played in fantastic spirit and all girls have walked away with a huge smile on their faces.

This week will be no different with both matches showing some great talent.

The Under 13 B rounds out the competition grades with Amazons and Hobitz Red playing off in a close game.

These youngsters have all displayed teamwork, sportsmanship and a want for a great game.

This game will be a nail bitter to watch.

This week the MGNA lost one of its valued umpires and club supporters.

Andrea Wright sadly passed away on Sunday morning through illness, but she never lost her fighting and quirky spirit.

“To have had the privilege of umpiring alongside Andrea for many years, she will be sadly missed,” the MGNA stated.

“She touched many people in her time with us and will live long in our fantastic memories of her.”

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