Family health highlighted

Dr Try Medical Centre has a shiny new name to reflect patient care being its number one priority.

While the clinic’s name has now changed to Mount Gambier Family Health, the way they establish and maintain good relationships with their patients has remained.

Dr Richard Try started the medical centre in 2016 but did not realise it would expand to such lengths, with the team deciding the Mount Gambier Family Health name change was a much-needed uplift for the business.

Mount Gambier Family Health practice manager Shyam Sundar said the purpose of re-branding was due to a restructure in which they developed new improved strategies that enriched the practice and in turn created a closer bond between staff and patients.

“The newly implemented strategies include making healthcare more family-orientated, improve our scheduling system and new policy and procedure manuals for all sections within the clinic,” he said.

“It is all about sending the message that we are the same faces but a bigger team, so the new name represents us a team instead of a single entity.

“Our new name has a sense of community and higher marketability on how our patients receive us and our services.

“We hope this change fosters patient trust, reinforces patient-clinic relationship and builds patient loyalty at every stage of the journey.”

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