Farm fire protection gets vital support

The State Government will provide crucial grants for Farm Firefighting Units (FFUs) with a State Budget commitment of $2m over four years.

The Regional Capability Community Fund (RCCF) will be reinstated to oversee the grant program, that will allow farmers and farming businesses to purchase equipment to create or support the safe use of farm units.

Reinstating the important RCCF grant program to help those who operate, maintain or want to establish units was an election commitment.

The new funding is additional to CFS funding from the State Government.

The fund will reimburse approved purchases in full or a portion of a purchase from $200 to $3000.

One application per individual or business can be made, allowing for the purchase of smaller items such as first aid kits and radios, but also a significant portion of a new FFU.

Personal protective equipment that meets CFS standards will be included in approved items and must be new (not second-hand), fit for purpose abd value for money.

Applications will be assessed in line with defined selection criteria such as value for money and compliance with CFS standards.

Once an application is approved, successful applicants must ensure their unit is registered with the CFS to receive reimbursement.

This will ensure the FFUs become part of the integrated statewide approach to community safety.

Limestone Coast local and Minister for Primary Industries Clare Scriven welcomed the fulfilment of the election commitment.

“I was very glad to advocate for this when we were in Opposition, so that it then formed part of Labor’s election commitments,” she said.

“This is one way to support farmers to protect assets and local communities.”

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