Farmilo too hard to catch from go to whoa

Farmilo too hard to catch from go to whoa

The Mount Gambier Cycling Club’s penultimate race in the Brew Coffee Bar Summer series was held on the quiet roads past the Princess Margaret Rose Caves to Donovans and back to Mount Sinai Road.

Originally slated to be held around Glencoe and finishing on Range Hill, the increased traffic in the area due to roadworks meant the race committee chose to change the route in the interest of rider safety.

As another of the ‘lumpier’ rides that are on the racing calendar, the ride through Dry Creek would give the faster riders preparing for the 100 Mile Classic the chance to increase their “race pace” training through the lumps.

Eleven riders signed on for the race, with a wide range of abilities, giving the handicapper something to think about when organising the groups.

Martin Farmilo played his familiar role as first rider in the race and was given a 12 minute head start on the next group containing Molly Opperman and Michael Dethmore.

A further nine minutes elapsed before Spek Peake, Chris Neave, Malcolm Tirabassi and John Cranwell began their chase, with just two more minutes until Craig Andrae and Tim Koopman joined the fray.

At the rear of the field Jami Buckley and Scott Waters waited another four minutes, some 27 minutes after Martin had begun, before they set off in pursuit.

Speeds were high for the first 10km as the riders rode along the relatively flat route until entering the Dry Creek complex.

Unfortunately Spek was not feeling well, so stopped racing before 10km had elapsed.

The high gradients of the lumps also found out a few riders, as first John and then Chris was distanced from Malcolm.

Martin also found difficulty as his chain came off when trying to change to an easier gear.

Fortunately he was able to fix the chain and was unhurt enough to continue his ride, getting to the turnaround mark with a six minute advantage over the next group of riders.

Michael and Molly continued to work well together, as were Tim and Craig, and Jami and Scott.

On the return leg Jami and Scott started to pass other riders, with first John, then Chris and Malcolm caught before the turnoff to Princess Margaret Rose Caves.

With approximately 3km to race Tim and Craig were also caught, with Tim managing to hold on as they passed, and Michael and Molly were firmly in their sights.

With less than a kilometre to go, Michael and Molly were passed by the fast-moving train, but no one was able to catch up to Martin Farmilo who led from beginning to end.

Jami Buckley won the sprint for fastest time, just over two minutes behind Martin, followed by Scott and Tim.

Michael Dethmore led Molly Opperman over the line, followed by Craig Andrae, Malcolm Tirabassi, Chris Neave and John Cranwell.

Many of the riders returned to series sponsor Brew Coffee Bar to discuss the race and enjoy some refreshments.

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