Fashion Week inspires

Two local hairdressers recently put their skills to the test at the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, a major annual event held at Carriageworks in Sydney.

Hue Colour salon owner Molly Stratford and senior stylist Kim McKinnon were a part of the O&M team and arrived in Sydney ready to hit the ground running.

“It was very hectic, I think because we ran by time schedules and the shows and all that sort of stuff, it was very intense, but an amazing experience,” Ms McKinnon said.

Ms McKinnon said there were around 70 models for the first show with approximately 15 hairdressers working to get their hair runway ready.

“There was a lot of pressure but it went really well though,” she said.

“I do quite a few bridal parties, so I am used to having that bit more intense environment, but it was just a whole different level.”

The talented duo worked with various major labels including AJE, Mariam Seddiq and Rumer.

Ms McKinnon said Mariam Seddiq was the pairs’ first show – which was held on the same day they arrived in Sydney – and was the biggest and most hectic show on the agenda.

The hairstyles varied depending on each show.

“The first show was quite structured, so it was a sleek, structured ponytail and we actually had to glue hair wefts onto the head of the model,” she said.

“The second one was a bit more lived-in, down style, another one was like a messy bun.”

Ms McKinnon said she was able to use her skills in a high-pressure environment where she worked to rigorous time schedules.

“In the salon we’d have maybe an hour to do what we had done whereas this, you had to get it down in under half an hour so you could get all the models done,” she said.

“So it was obviously keeping the quality of work but having that quantity to have to stay on track, otherwise models would not be finished.”

Ms McKinnon said the event was also a great opportunity to meet other people and network within the hair and beauty industry.

“There were a few hairdressers that have huge Instagram followings as well, so meeting them and getting to work alongside of them was a bit of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said.

“It was just really nice to be around like-minded people as well.

“Everyone was there because they loved hair, so that’s always nice and pretty inspiring I suppose, to get to have that opportunity around other hairdressers.”

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