‘Feel-good’ campaign

A Limestone Coast resident is trying to bring a bit of good into his corner of the world through a social media campaign. Well known Millicent man Steve Chapple (pictured) has started a campaign called Thank you Thursday in hopes of making people feel good and recognising others for what they do every day.

Mr Chapple was inspired by the clear need for “people to receive gratitude instead of criticism”. “I went to the Millicent hospital to have a COVID test because I had simple cold symptoms and wanted to do the right thing by the community,” he said.

“The receptionist treated me exceptionally well and the nurses treated me with respect. This led me to realise social media makes us very open to criticise and find faults with people instead of thanking each other. “The following Thursday I was sitting in front of the computer and I decided every Thursday I will send three individuals a message giving thanks for what they have done the past year.”

Since initiating the campaign Mr Chapple has discovered there are ‘Thank you Thursdays all around the world, including hospitals. “Social media makes it exceptionally easy for individuals in the modern world to criticise,” he said. “People do not realise the things they do every day are helping and positively effecting so many others.”

Mr Chapple’s Thank you Thursday has spread across most Australian states including Victoria and South Australia. “It is not just the Limestone Coast, but the project started and could continue to grow from here,” he said. “I have had about 400 people say they were doing it and if they do it for just one Thursday 1200 people are receiving praise.”

Mr Chapple said he was not looking for the campaign to be so vast, but it had grown and he is encouraging people to get involved. “We are hopefully getting through this COVID period and people are just tired so I think this occasional ‘pat on the back’ will help them get through the next period as well,” he said.

“It could be family, friends, people that have worked in the COVID area, the barista who serves you coffee – just anybody who has done the right thing. “To get involved on Thursday send a message with the hashtag ‘#thankyouthursday” to at least two people or organisations thanking them for what they do every day.”

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