Fighting spirit on display

Players stepped out for round nine of the MGNA league wearing blue socks, in support of MND Sock it to it Day with spectators donating $735.90 on the day.

After a week’s break, teams hit the courts with a renewed vigor.

In the A Grade this week the three stronger sides showed their dominance on the competition.

All the games were played with great spirit and sides never allowing their opposition a free run.

The A2 ladies worked hard in their games with all players coming off the court knowing they had played a strong game.

Each team had shining moments with movements, defensive work and strong shooting to finish off.

B1 games were played at different times this week, with Hobitz  Red and Hobitz Blue playing during the week due to players being unavailable.

This left the other four teams to hit the courts on Saturday.

The B2 ladies did not disappoint this week with their games being played with players showing their want for the win.

Two great games were played, with the biggest win coming from Saints who took an impressive 26 goal win.

Hobitz and Zodiacs played off in a close game with the result being 14 goals.

Shooting high scores for the game, Hobitz goalies showed  some great accuracy and movements throughout the entire  game.

Defence work was high for both  sides with each team looking to their mid-court players to work hard and apply pressure to force errors.

Both games played by the Under 17 women were one-sided.

Intruders went down to Hobitz Red by 13 goals, while Hobitz Blue claim a 39-goal win over Saints.

No player dropped their head but ultimately gave their all for every minute of the game, with great plays throughout the  matches and teams showing fantastic spirit.

 Two of the three games in the Under 15 competition finished with fewer than four goals as the difference with the other game being a 14-goal win.

The teams in this grade have shown their competitive nature and they will develop into great players.

13 A teams put on a great show  between Zodiacs and Saints, with the on-court work from both sides even and consistent for the game.

A two goal difference at the final whistle showed these teams are great competitors.

Hobitz had a slightly easier game up against  Vicis allowing for a 16-goal difference at the end of the game.

 The junior grades also challenged hard with the Under 13 B  teams, even if the score books did not depict this.

Hobitz Red and Intruders had a fantastic play as both teams have improved during the season.

Teamwork from Intruders led them to a strong 20-4 goal win, after their last match up saw them only win by five goals.

Hobitz Red had strong moments with their work down the court seeing them score.

The pressure applied from the Intruders defenders was high and  their mid court gaining interceptions throughout the game.

Zodiacs and Vicis’ last match  up ended with an eight-goal difference, but this time Vicis hard  work and passion all over the court allowed them to finish with a 14-2 goal win.

Defensive work was high with Vicis gaining possessions and rebounds.

Zodiacs worked hard for the game to get the ball to their goalies, with unforced errors costing them in the end.

Hobitz Blue and Amazons rounded off the grade with these teams meeting after a four-goal win to Hobitz Blue.

This week Amazons stepped up their work allowing them to gain touches to the ball and return the ball back through the mid court.

Movements from the Hobitz Blue side helped them close open spaces and pick off loose passes.

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