Fishos rescued at Bay

Two people and a dog had to be rescued from a sinking boat off the coast of Port MacDonnell on Sunday afternoon.

The small runabout took on water, with the crew of fishing vessel Jaymar Star coming to their rescue.

Coast Guard SE marine radio operator Robert Stewart said a situation report was provided to Coast Guard SE after the rescue was undertaken with attempts to tow the partially submerged vessel failing due to the tow rope snapping.

“A general call for an extra boat to provide help with towing was put out by myself CGSE however it was not required as the runabout unfortunately sunk,” he said.

“Thankfully there was a fishing boat out on the water close by who was able to provide the rescue and attempted tow.

“This is about the second or third incident this year to happen along the coast with another capsizing happening earlier this year at Carpenters Rocks and a vessel breaking down requiring a tow into shore off Port Mac coast line.

“I have been doing monitoring for the coast guard for over 10 years this year has been about my second busiest.”

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