Future leaders rise to challenge

McDonald Park Primary year six leadership students recently scaled new heights at Blue Light outdoor adventure facility Noora Yo-Long.

The students participated in activities designed to teach them about the importance of communication, collaboration and facing new challenges.

Participants took part in a blindfolded run followed by a maze in which students navigated their way through while blindfolded and listened for their partners instructions on the outside who had the added challenge of not being allowed to say left or right.

Students then completed an obstacle course, including climbing, ducking and balancing where they were once again blindfolded and guided by their partner and had the opportunity to put on a safety harness, climb trees and walk along ropes strung up in the treetops.

McDonald Park Primary Aboriginal Education teacher Katherine Bundy said many students had to find the courage to step outside their comfort zone and use self-talk, resilience, and persistence.

“When individuals struggled, others gave them the encouragement to keep going,” she said.

“The students represented our school community extremely well and were complimented on the way they carried out the activities.

“This excursion shows us all that McDonald Park students are courageous, supportive and willing to take on challenges.

“Well done to the leadership group who also fundraised so they could take part on the excursion and a special thankyou to the sponsors One Forty-One and Four Reasons Why for their generous donations to support our students in their development as young leaders for the future.”

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