Gallery hosts Millicent arts and crafts group

The Millicent Gallery became a temporary arts and crafts studio on Thursday and Friday when gallery director Janice Nitschke welcomed the members of the Millicent Craft Group.

Instead of meeting at their purpose-built premises in nearby Fifth Street, the members undertook their usual weaving, needlework and quilting sessions within the four walls of the gallery.

Only the potters were excluded from being artists in residence on these two days as the kiln cannot obviously be moved.

The presence of the members complemented their newly erected display called “From My Mother’s Hands”.

Around 20 of the Millicent Craft Group members have loaned examples of their mothers’ handiwork.

For example, there is a stunning piece of embroidery which was crafted by the late Teresa Scaglione.

After learning the skill in her native Italy, Ms Scaglione embroidered linen which had been home-grown, processed and woven.

Another piece of embroidery on display was partly-finished by the late mother of Millicent Craft Group president Pat Muhovics.

A magnificent silk wedding gown has been lent by its owner 103-year-old Ila Houghton who lives at Boneham Aged Care Services.

Ms Nitschke said many of the displayed items had poignant back stories.

“The Millicent Craft Group members are also displaying their own pieces,” Ms Nitschke said.

“There are also photographs of the hands of the members and these were taken by member Tony Addicoat.

“We are grateful to the Millicent Craft Group as there had been a gap in the exhibition program of the Millicent Gallery in 2022 as COVID had caused the cancellation of the quilt display.”

“From My Mother’s Hands” remains on show until mid-June and will be followed by a solo exhibition by past exhibitor Sharon Davson.

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