Gas options explored

Beach Energy says it will begin assessing future opportunities from the recently completed Dombey 3D Geological Survey, which was successfully completed earlier this year in the South East, providing a local benefit of over $600,000.

The survey data will be used to assess opportunities for future additional gas production at the Katnook Gas Plant with processing and interpretation of data expected to be completed in the last half of 2023.

The Dombey 3D Geological Survey was conducted 15km west of Penola and covered an area of 165sq km, covering a range of properties with various land uses.

Beach Energy Community Manager Jon Conti said the project was successfully completed over 88 days during extreme weather variations.

“The local community benefited through an injection of over $600,000 into the local Penola/Coonawarra economy through the use of various goods and services, including catering and accommodation,” he said.

“Survey results will allow for Beach to understand future opportunities and will mean that fewer speculative wells will need to be drilled.

“Geological surveys provide us with a map of what is beneath the ground, allowing us to target future gas reservoirs with more precision.

“The current energy crisis demonstrates there is a desperate need for more local gas for the local market to be partnered with renewables and for industrial users and households, so we look forward to assessing the data that is obtained from the survey.”

Mr Conti said, with no current planned activities in the region, Beach Energy will close its Penola office in July but will continue to maintain a local presence in the region with local resident Lucille Bailey available to support the community and information sharing in the region.

“The interpretation of the Dombey survey may yield opportunities for future energy production.

“If this happens, the Penola office shop front may be re-opened,” Mr Conti said.

“Importantly, Beach is committed to supporting community development in the area and has allocated funding to the Riddoch Business and Community Association and the RFDS.

“We look forward to updating the community on future opportunities in the region.”

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