Global art created at city studio

Local artist Trent Holbrook will be joined by four international artists today to collaborate in his studio for around two weeks.

The multidisciplinary artists are from the US, Canada and New Zealand and Mr Holbrook said he was incredibly excited for the collaboration.

“After a very long time of working with artists online, mostly via YouTube, we all decided that we are going to meet in person and collaborate on new videos and work with some interesting people around Australia,” Mr Holbrook said.

“It’s really a dream come true for me because all my work ever since leaving High School has been online and all these connections, contacts and clients and collaborators have been on the internet and now it’s real.

“I do painting, sculpture and primarily work in miniature form, so creating interesting small things and I document all my processes and things I learn and then showcase that on YouTube.

“I also make tabletop games as well and all the people that are coming to visit have all collaborated on that project as well.”

Mr Holbrook said in Mount Gambier he had found helpful mentors and patrons to support his work, one being Peter Gazzard who was instrumental with helping him find a studio space.

“I could not imagine doing this anywhere else and with the internet the gaps are so small being able to connect with everyone everywhere,” he said.

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