Great MGNA games ahead


This Saturday in Round 13 of Mount Gambier Netball Association action, two great games are going ahead at Olympic Park
The weather for the Saints and Intruders game may be a little rainy but that won’t stop these two teams.

Intruders still sit atop of the ladder with Saints at second and the only team to beat the leaders so far.

The ways that Saints can win this match is through their defence, aiming for as many intercepts as possible against them.

Intruders will be working hard this game, and their well known fast pace, excellent footwork, and quick passes will become an advantage for them this game which will be one to watch.


Another great game taking place is Hobitz and Vicis. 
Hobitz have been knocked out of second position but they are not far behind from taking back their position once again.

The Hobitz will be a tough team for the Vicis side who have been working hard, never giving up.

They get their intercepts and run as hard as they can for the ball.
Last week Hobitz lost against the Saints, 58-49, a close and hard to watch match it must have been with a score like that.

The Vicis went head to head with Zodiacs, losing 55-20 and the game will be fantastic with two hard working teams.

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