‘Green Waterhole’ explored

Researchers are set to further explore the vast underwater cave fossil site at Tantanoola known as the “Green Waterhole”.

Located alongside the Princes Highway midway between Millicent and Mount Gambier, it has recently been listed on the SA State Heritage Register along with the nearby Tank Cave.

The ‘Green Waterhole’ contains the only known extensive underwater vertebrate fossil deposits in Australia and has ensured the preservation of many extinct species of megafauna, with several new species recovered and awaiting description.

Experts from the SA Museum, Griffith University, the University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the Cave Divers Association of Australia worked with the Department for Environment and Water to achieve this important heritage listing protection for the site.

SA Museum palaeontologist Dr Liz Reed, Griffith University Associate Professor Julien Louys and their colleagues were also recently awarded an Australian Research Council Linkage Project grant to investigate the unique submerged Tantanoola fossil deposits and determine the role environmental change had on large Australian mammal extinctions.

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